[Instiz] YG Entertainment's 2 biggest problems

(A picture that was uploaded on YG's official blog where YG dissed Music Bank.)
"Bottom: Are you.. expecting a performance on XX Bank?  Possibility of it happening = 0%"

1. Discord with broadcast stations.  
Aside from SBS and due to conflicts, YG artists typically don't perform on KBS or MBC.
They reconciled with Mnet and had Big Bang perform at MAMA but their relationship wasn't that good before.  Rookies like Winner, Akdong Musician, and iKON should be promoting on different broadcasts but because of such restrictions they aren't able to.

2. Plans for their artists are constantly delayed.
YG manages a lot of artists but there's no structure and it's a system that only focuses on the one that's making a comeback.  The wait for each artist's comeback are pretty long.  It's going to be three years since Lee Hi has released a new album.  Their rookie group Winner only released one album in 2014 and hasn't released anything for a year and a half.
Article: YG Entertainment's 2 biggest problems 
Source: Instiz

[1] The fact that the CEO himself appears on TV more than his artists... +15

[2] Please promote and let the kids on a lot of music broadcasts... it'd be great if you could keep your plans and promises.  Even if it's going to take long, at least keep your word.

[3] I wonder if Pink Punk's going to debut this year...

[4] I'm not even hoping for them to be on all music broadcasts.  Just please release them when you say you're going to.

[5] Seriously, I'm longing to hear new music from Akdong Musician.

[6] If they keep it up with this system, no matter how amazing they're artists are, it won't be good for them in the long-run.

[7] I get it but can he stop spouting out words saying he'll do this and that and then breaks his promise in the end ㅋㅋ Don't keep your artists to yourself ㅋㅋ

[8] Being a fan of YG artists, they're on hiatus for at least one to two years so there's not much to catch up on the fan forums giving me time to rest but being a fan of other artists like Infinite, it's always so freaking busy.

[9] Honestly... I worry every time their artists end a promotion cycle.  'Cus you never know when you'll see them again

[10] It's like Lee Hi's gone back to being a trainee

[11]  Please just push them all off! (tn: promote and let them all out!)

[12] YG's biggest problem is YG himself
("I freaking hate Yang Hyun Suk seriously...")

[13] Also their font style, that design in the first picture is just...

[14] Well it's Yang Hyun Suk's promotion cycle right now that's why ㅎㅎㅎㅎ

[15] Stop the excessive media play!!! Let them on more shows!!!  Don't ship them off to Japan!!!

[16] Being a YG fan is so frustrating ㅠㅠ I'm tired of even complaining at this point



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