Sandara Park succeeds as a Fin.K.L fan after meeting Ok Juhyun

Article: "Meeting of current and past girl groups" Sandara Park and Ok Juhyun pose for sweet photo
Source: Sports Josun via Naver

1. [+1971, -21]  But there's only a 4-year age different between them ㅋㅋ

2. [+1389, -25]  How can that be the face of someone in their 30's... Seems like time has stopped for Dara unnie...

3. [+968, -32]  Sandara noona is really, really pretty

(tn: Omitting other comments unrelated to Dara.)

Naver TV Cast: Sandara Park was a total Fin.K.L fan?!

1. [+596, -13]  Sandara Park's famous for being Lee Hyori's fan... If you watch Family Outing, you can see that she really likes them.

2. [+365, -24]  How can she be this cute

3. [+345, -13]  Wow a total babyface.  I'm 12 years younger than Dara unnie but she's so fresh and cute.  If we were together, I'd probably be called the "unnie" ㅠㅠ  I envy her.  Beautiful babyface

4. [+276, -9]  Wow Lee Young Hyun vs Ok Juhyun.. ㄷㄷ They were receiving criticisms in the pilot episode ㅠ but they've finally found their footing and their guest casting is great!!

5. [+221, -9]  She's just so cute

6. [+188, -8] ㅋㅋ Sugarman's PR fairy, so adorable

7. [+171, -11] Ok Juhyun looks better with more natural make-up, why did they put it on so strong

8. [+136, -7]  She's really bursting with charms..

9. [+47, -1]  Dara unnie's so cute..  ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Is it possible for someone in their 30's to be that cute and pretty...? ㅋㅋ

10. [+43, -3]  Let's be real, she's not really an '84er, right?

Article: 'Sugarman' Sandara Park a Fin.K.L. Sasaeng fan, event went as far as the front of their house
Source: Newsen via Nate
(tn: Sandara Park never called herself a 'Sasaeng' fan.  Yoo Hee Yeol just asked if she was a sasaeng when she was talking about going to the front of the member's house for a fan meeting (set by the Fin.K.L members themselves).  This particular media outlet just twisted the words around.)

1. [+339, -12]  She's been on a broadcast with her idol and she also told Lee Hyori that she's a total fan of Fin.K.L, she's definitely a fan that succeeded

2. [+294, -15]  Saw it on the 'Human Theatre' documentary.  There was a Fin.K.L poster in her room.  She also had a picture of when she went to Fin.K.L's fan meeting ㅋㅋ Sandara Park's really succeeded as a fan

3. [+276, -16]  Definitely not a Sasaeng fan.  She's just a normal fan.  The real Sasaengs are like the ones of DBSK's and EXO's.

4. [+23, -3]  There were a lot of pretty girls among Fin.K.L fans.  Usually ugly girls are the ones hating on pretty girl group members while other pretty girls like them.

5. [+23, -6]  Ok Juhyun took care of her fans really well back then ㅎㅎ

6. [+16, -4]  Why is Sandara Park getting hate... Sandara got in through an opportunity and she's not bad at dancing or singing... The ones spilling hate can't even get into YG even if they worked as hard as Sandara Park did



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