Who will be the artist of the year at the 13th Korean Music Awards?

Article: Big Bang? Park Jinyoung?  Who will be this year's artist? [13th Korean Music Awards]
Source: OSEN via Naver

1. [+5061, -421]  It's either Big Bang or Big Bang

2. [+3660, -359]  Tell them it'll be Big Bang~~~~~~

3. [+3498, -344]  Well, if it's not Big Bang then I bet it'll be Big Bang or maybe Big Bang?

4. [+3264, -295]  If it's not May Big Bang then it'll obviously be June Big Bang

5. [+570, -69]  The one and only idol group called Big Bang.  We all have to acknowledge that they're not just a popular group anymore but also a group with sincere musicality.  Stop with the hate comments.

6. [+532, -65]  Scream it with me, God-Bang!!!!!!!

7. [+438, -42]  It's Big Bang, if it's Big Bang, it's Big Bang

8. [+429, -39]  Looks like it'll be Big Bang

9. [+425, -44]  I like that they really picked artists that became popular by winning over the general public instead of by their fan's power.

10. [+344, -33]  They can't beat Big Bang, I bet Big Bang will win

11. [+344, -38]  It's still got to be Big Bang for this year...



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