Why G-Dragon is one of a kind

"It's sexy that you can never get used to him."
"An idol who doesn't seem like an idol"
"Leading the fashion industry"

Article: Why G-Dragon Is Different
Source: Weekly Joseon via Naver

1. [+1103, -48] BIGBANG really changed the music industry and that's a fact nobody can change. As the centre of it all, GD is amazing.

2. [+780, -28] No doubt GD, no doubt BIGBANG

3. [+762, -31] I think GD really has the capabilities of a producer. His popularity is also an indicator of his skills. I hope GD has a long long career in music.

4. [+744, -27] GD doesn't need any words

5. [+749, -39] GD suffers as much as he is famous. His plagiarism scandal wasn't true, but he got cursed anyway. But the reality is GD is the best and that won't change.

6. [+200, -14] I heard that after Seo Taiji and the Boys, the idol market was divided but after BIGBANG came it went crazy ㅋ

7. [+185, -10] GD is amazing at everything he does. GD is a celebrity amongst celebrities. World star.

8. [+198, -16] Wash your eyes and take a look at the idol market...Is there any other kid like Kwon Jiyong....Kwon Jiyong is an unbeatable artist made from the heavens....What else do I need to say??

9. [+197, -16] Will there ever be another artist as innovative as G-Dragon?

10. [+173, -10] Wow, seriously GD is different. He doesn't seem like an idol but an artist.



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