Big Bang's TOP praised for good looks on the cover of Men's Folio

Article: "Can be cute too" TOP on the cover of Singapore men's magazine
Source: TV Report via Naver

1. [+1438, -56]  TOP's handsome and cool~

2. [+1382, -61]  You really have to admit that he's the top among idol looks

3. [+1140, -43]  He seems to have lost weight.. TOP's cool and has charm

4. [+957, -36]  TOP's very handsome and I think he sings and raps well too.  The fashion style looks cool the way he wears it like that.  I think he's the best idol in our country

5. [+605, -23]  I don't really write comments like this to praise celebrities' looks but dang, he's handsome

6. [+331, -21]  I should be born with TOP's face in my next life and enjoy it to the fullest~

7. [+310, -22]  Isn't he fit to become an actor?  I bet he would've been successful even if he chose acting

8. [+285, -16]  He's really handsome... TOP, you've been working hard at filming for a movie

9. [+285, -20]  His body and his good posture makes him look like a mannequin

10. [+270, -17]  He really suits silver-white hair



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