[Instiz] The meaning behind the flowers Ahn Jaehyun proposed with to Goo Hyesun

The meaning behind the Shepherd's Purse: 
"My spring maiden, I offer you my all." 

Post: The meaning behind the flowers Ahn Jaehyun used to propose to Goo Hyesun
Source: Instiz

[1] Fine... like I'd ever meet a guy like Ahn Jaehyun anyway... so I've decided to just become Ahn Jaehyun myself

[2] They're such a pretty couple.. I envy them

[3] I thought it was unique for him to pick flowers that weren't flashy but I didn't know they held that meaning.  So cool of him

[4] But... Shepherd's Purse is for... soybean paste soup...ㅠ

[5] Ahn Jaehyun's voice was dripping with honey in that video.  I really hope they live happily

[6] He's so romantic... I bet she's so happy

[7] The two of them really suit each other.  Wishing for their love to blossom

[8] This video just makes you smile.  Such a beautiful couple

[9] I want to marry a guy like him

[10] Hul.. my heart... so romantic ㅇ>-<



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