Teddy launches auditions for new label, looking for the 'second Big Bang'?

Article: 'Looking for the 2nd Big Bang'... 'YG Producer' Teddy launches auditions 
Source: TV Report via Naver

1. [+67, -2]  Why's there so many "second Big Bang"s

2. [+73, -8]  There will never be a 'second Big Bang' or 'little Big Bang'

3. [+51, -4]  Big Bang's still the one top

4. [+34, 0]  Big Bang is Big Bang.  Don't go looking for the second Big Bang and instead look for the 'first' someone else.

5. [+30, 0]  The second Big Bang?  Well, people have to find and cultivate their own paths for it to be possible for them to become like Big Bang.  It's not something you can just imitate.

6. [+10, 0]  You can't even stick the label of 'second Big Bang' on Winner or iKON because they each have their own individuality.  You shouldn't try to make the 2nd Big Bang but make the first of a new group.

7. [+4, 0]  Um there's no second Big Bang.  There's no other group who will surpass the records that Big Bang has set for 10 years starting from the very bottom to where they are now.  Big Bang is Big Bang.  Let's stop finding the '2nd' whatever for everything.

8. [+27, -8]  I applied as a vocal.  Cheer me on so I can last~ aja aja!!!



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