G-Dragon pulls off high fashion in a market

Article: "Hit even at a market"... G-Dragon, everyday life's high fashion
Source: Dispatch via Naver

1. [+4730, -297]  So cool......

2. [+3404, -253]  This hyung is really so freaking cool

3. [+3261, -230]  A one of a kind class!!!!!!

4. [+2832, -215]  Fashion's icon~ he's truly a star.

5. [+2355, -225]  Hyung, I respect you. Hehe

6. [+416, -15]  Director Kwon, don't forget to do your job at the company
(tn: Infinity Challenge 'Muhan Company')

7. [+350, -12]  GD must be so happy.  He can pull off any style he wants and he's talented in pretty much every field plus he receives love wherever he goes... I'm a girl myself but there's so many things about him that I want to copy and follow too

8. [+365, -18]  That restaurant's going to hit daebak soon~ since it'll be marked as a place GD has been to ^^ You can even see all the info for the place.  Whatever GD does is cool, seriously I gotta hand it to him

9. [+359, -18]  It's so nice that GD's out a lot these days, I want to see him often

10. [+343, -15]  The background is familiar and the colours are beautiful.  It can only be pulled off since it's GD.. ㅋㅋ



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