Lee Sungkyung to put on weight for role in new drama

[1] This unnie will probably be pretty even if she does gain weight..

[2] She'll still be skinnier than me... sigh

[3] I respect actors when I read this kind of thing

[4] Wow, as a model though that probably isn't easy for her... I wonder how much weight she'll gain

[5] Huk...... she worked so hard to maintain her figure as a model and this could totally change that... that's amazing of her

[6] Definitely like an actor... awesome

[7] I bet that'd be difficult for her.  She's used to managing herself as a model

[8] Imagine how hard it'd be to lose it all again after

[9] That's such a big decision for someone who's a model wow

[10] Hul...to gain weight in a set period of time amidst all her promotions will be pretty hard..



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