AKDONG MUSICIAN's New Photoshoot

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[+46, 0] Wow, they really shot those pictures without any awkwardness. They're definitely talented siblings.

[+32, 0] These pretty kidsㅜㅜ Unnie loves you!

[+30, -1] Aoh, look at how pretty Soohyun is becomingㅠㅠ 

[+14, 0] Each and every one of their lyrics are so beautiful as well. I hope they do great even in the future.
[+13, 0] I hope Akdong Musician grows just like how they are right now.  I'm just saying but they really give of the feeling of innocence.

[+9, -5] I'm worried they'll be affected badly by YG. (T/N: Because of the current controversies)

[+7, 0] ~You're so charming. I'm falling for you~

[+6, 0] It's a great decision that they went to YG.  Not because I like YG but because of the fact that they push them to make their own music without altering much. 

[+5, 0] Soohyun lost a lot of weight~ she got prettier.

[+5, 0] Their songs are great.  I just really like Akmu. 


TY said...

Soohyun is seriously pretty with that look! That one with the male actor.

soluizb said...

The 3rd and 4th pic of soohyun was D:

Ray Rai said...

My fav kpop site..thank you so much for your hard work..i was alwayz wishing somebody do this and now.....thank you thank you so much

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