Minzy Finally Changes Her Hairstyle

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She's been sporting the short hairstyle for how many years and finally she's changed it!!!

Sandara changes hers every other week and I was so frustrated
to see Minzy with the same hairstyle.  But is she finally
getting rid of the short hair for good?
She put her hair up too

I hope she tried out a lot more different styles from now on ~~


[+148, -8] On top of her dancing skills, she also has very stable rapping and singing skills.  I think it's so awesome that she's attending a University without having special treatmentㅋ Don't mind those people who hate on you and just stay strong

[+120, -2] She's daebak at singing.  She's amazing at dancing.  I don't mean mechanically dancing well from practicing so hard... I mean the way she bursts with feeling while freestyle dancing.  If her face was just a little bit prettier, she'd probably be one of the Top girls in Korea.  But here in Korea, even if you suck at dancing or singing as long as you have a pretty face, you'll easily get praised... it's such a shame. She should advance into the international industry.

[+88, -5] She made a good choice to have her nose done.

[+30, 0] Her voice is so nice and she's talented.  Other people have gotten their nose done, why is she the only one getting hate over itㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Do they even know what "ugly" means?

[+22, -1] I believe her face, singing, dancing, everything.  She's a thousand times better than anyone else

[+21, -1] I'm someone who's gone to their concert and seen her.  Seriously, Park Bom and Minzy's faces are so small... During their last concert, Minzy wore this type of top and danced and she was really skinny...... I wasn't really expecting much from her I guess but she is so much skinner and her face is so much smaller than what you see on TV.

[+16, 0] I got goosebumps when I heard her part for Falling In Love... Her voice is so unique and she sings really well!  Now I know why YG likes Minzy's voice

[+12, 0] Oh, she really got a lot prettier.

[+12, -16] Ugly turned pretty.

[+5, -1] I was really impressed when Gong Minzy came out and just admitted that she got nose surgery.  Of course I'm impressed by her dancing practice and singing skills... her voice is so freaking good.


Kayla said...

Still waiting for her solo , I'm ready for the slayage

soluizb said...

I use to think feminine clothes don't look good on her. It use to be frumpy and so unflattering but she looks gorgeous in them now

Ray Rai said...

Mknzy voice is porn..

Ignis Invictus said...

And to add, her feminine airport fashion has been on point recently.

ProbablyCool said...

I love how this is about Minzy hair style but most of them are talking about her talent instead. Yet on posts about her singing they will talk about her looks instead so weird.

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