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A kiss greeting with Karl Lagerfeld

CL attending a Chanel show and sitting beside Jeong Ryo Won.

Updated: (This just became a trending topic today 14/07/14.)

[+123, -13] Wow... I'm so damn jealous of her life

[+103, -29] CL is cool.  Her personal connections are extensive, she knows 4 languages, and she can rap.

[+83, -12] With Karl Lagerfeld... Ha nice...

[+35, -23] Global show-off

[+31, -2] She's just in a completely different league than us.

[+30, -29] ㅋㅋㅋ Investigate her too, I can't do it in my state

[+2, -1] Reminds me of Goo Joonpyo's mom in Boys Over Flowers

[+2, 0] Her life is so cool

[+1, 0] Jeong Ryo Won is pretty

[+67, -69] Like an ahjumma trying to live young.


TY said...

I'm seriously jealous of her life. Lol. Anyway, her hard work is paying off! She's been really hardworking ALWAYS so it's not a surprise how life throws blessings at her.

Ray Rai said...

+17, -2] Wow... I'm so damn jealous of her life..
Who wont??

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