Hot Girl, Model Lee Sung Kyung in YG

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Top model Lee Sung Kyung who recently signed a contract with YG.
She will be appearing in the drama "It's Okay, That's Love" alongside Gong Hyo Jin and Jo In Sung.
I hope we see her different charms other than what she displays as a model.

I don't know if she's wearing contacts or not but her eye-color is gorgeous.
It fits her hair color very well.


[+63, -5] I'm not caught up but do models also act nowadays too?

[+57, -6] This is my own personal opinion but I really hope singers and models do their actual job.  There's so many people who ruthlessly work hard to fight for that same spot.  If others take away singers, idols, celebrities's spots, then later on we probably wouldn't need to divide them into those labels (actors/singers/models) anymore.  If you want to go into a different field, start from the bottom

[+48, -3] Must be easy to be an actress/actor

[+10, -2] Then what about Lee Jong Suk, Kim Woo Bin, etc. etc. There's so many other model-turned-actors too.

[+10, -1] Everyone's acting these days

[+6, -1] All her expressions are the same except one

[+5, -2] Please do your own job first and stop stealing actor's gigs

[+4, -2] She's really pretty... Her overall feel is really cute and pretty

[+3, -1] She looks like Soya... Kim Jong Kook's younger cousin


bitbig2 said...

ikr..she's been modeling since 2008..
and in her new drama, she's not the main character..maybe she'll come out for 1-3 episodes...and maybe just less than 10minutes per 1 episode
knetz -.-"

Sierra said...

ikr people complain about everything -_-

Elizabeth said...

If shes talented then she can act as much as she wants.
Why should she just restrict to modeling...?

gzbitch said...

She's really pretty.

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