BIG BANG's 'Lies' Wins MCountdown's Favourite Song Of The Decade

Source: Naver


1. [+907, -32]  Even if you listen to 'Lies' to this day, it's seriously a classic...  It's the song that skyrocketed Big Bang to where they are now.  The two top songs back in those days were this and Wonder Girl's Tell me.

2. [+670, -29]   The classics from '07~'08 were Lies, Last Farewell, and Haru Haru which GD composed and wrote when he was only 20 years old.  Amazing Kwon Jiyong.  So good.  I love Big Bang.

3. [+608, -39]  Truthfully, B1A4 did pretty well... but they were unable to rock the stage as much as Big Bang would've.

4. [+491, -20]  Lies (Thumbs Up!!!)

5. [+182, -11]  Singing a Big Bang song if you're not actually Big Bang is a difficult thing to do. ㅋ Since their songs are fit to match their original individual members.  It's not that the B1A4 members did bad but it's just hard to perform it as much as Big Bang would have.  Anyway, they did their best.  Listening to it reminds me of so many old memories ㅋㅋ

6. [+168, -12]  As expected...  it should be Big Bang.  This is a stage that shows you why this song can only be performed by Big Bang.  

7. [+157, -7]  Most favourite song of the decade, wow...  There's been so many idol groups that have debuted but Big Bang still tops them...  They're all stars and on top of that, they make such great songs.

8. [+153, -15]  I expected it would be Big Bang's Lies!!!  B1A4 did pretty well but I wish it was Big Bang who came out to sing it ㅠㅠㅠㅠ They were good but Big Bang really has their own class.

9. [+144, -8] Big Bang is seriously incredible ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ But it's awkward for other people to sing Big Bang's songs... since I'm so used to their original poses and aura.  It just can't be replicated by others.

10. [+131, -9]  Big Bang really did well with Lies.

11. [+130, -9]  I miss Big Bang so much!!! Ah, YG!!! When are you going to pay attention to K-VIP's?!

12. [+121, -7]  Of course, it's Kwon Jiyong.  The class of a composer and writer.

13. [+122, -9]  So many years have passed but it's still amazing even listening to it to this day. 

14. [+115, -6]  They're a wall you can't climb over.  I still love Big Bang... that's why... give them a comeback!


Sierra said...

This just hit me right in the feelz and crave for an OT5 comeback even more! I miss my boys ;-;

anton said...

Lies is classic to me
yess big bang ;___;


ninikai said...

Still my jam, baby. Still my jam... This and Haru Haru. The first time I heard the songs sung live I got soooo emotional I literally cried :') nostalgic

Elizabeth said...

That song is everything.
As soon as it starts you HAVE to sing along.

Even if it was B1A4 performing Lies & Fantastic Baby (did a pretty good job) the audience screamed so loud and sang those fan chants
The power of BigBang (#BringOT5Back)



berries said...

Yes B1A4 did well covering Big Bang's songs but no group can live up their stage presence. Big Bang is the best, legend & please comeback soon, I miss OT5 so bad!!!!!

Ray Rai said...

[+144, -8] Big Bang is seriously incredible ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ But it's awkward for other people to sing Big Bang's songs... since I'm so used to their original poses and aura.  It just can't be replicated by others.
Yes sir...

Gdi*k said...

TBH I like Haru Haru more than Lies

Princess said...

You're not alone, darling.. I got to emotional that I cried hlf of the concert. I wish BIGBANG having a world tour concert with their classic songs. I still want to her 'until whenever' live. :"")

Bald Mr.Worldwide said...

The only group I like them to cover Bigbang is 2NE1 because they have that energetic stage like BB and they enjoy singing BB song. Their Last Farewell cover was good and cute.

Bald Mr.Worldwide said...

both are classic and popular song but to Koreans Lies cant be replaced bc it shot BB to fame and it remind them of those good memories.
I also like Haru Haru more ;)

Sue said...

I like Haru Haru more too, but Lies is in my Top 10 for sure.

TY said...

This is a universal song. Lol

But Haru Haru is like the VIP's ANTHEM. Hahahaha

i'm a guest said...

I love this site, now its gonna be my second home kkkk
thnkyu for translating

lala said...

for the very first time, I agreed with all the knetz comments..lalala i'm so happy

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