(Spoilers!!!) SMTM3: Bobby Breaks Expectations And Chooses Team...

Source: Naver

Bobby breaks expectations and chooses Dok2 & The Quiet's team.

1. [+541, -21]  Wait.  Why was Yuk Ji Dam chosen.  Seriously, why? 

2. [+503, -19]  Why did they choose Yuk Ji Dam? Jolly V is so much better honestly.

3. [+424, -19]  He wouldn't be dropped from Dok2 & The Quiet, would heㅋㅋㅋ 

4. [+303, -17]   I like Bobby's rap style because his flow is different from what I've heard.

5. [+142, -4]  Bobby and B.I, stay strong.  Prove to them that you've come this far because of your own talents and not because of the company you're from. 

6. [+127, -16]  The last part with Bobby was cool, though?

7. [+103, -3]  They put in Yuk Ji Dam and took out Jolly V?

8. [+98, -5]  Bobby, you chose well.  Dok2's team is awesome... daebak.

9. [+100, -8]  B.I. and Bobby went through so much for how many years at YG so isn't it only natural that they're proud of their company;;;;;  Don't you know how much Yang Hyun Suk likes these two...  If you all think YG's company is easy, why don't you all try and see if you get accepted there ㅋㅋㅋ 

10. [+89, -3]  Show Me The Money's rules this time around have gotten so weird.

11. [+82, -1]  I kind of felt it from the start that one of them would choose Dok2's team.  Somehow, they really fit with them.

12. [+82, -6]  I watched WIN and though B.I's talented, I think Bobby's really good.  I hope he gets to showcase his skills more.

13. [+77, -4]  What was YG thinking sending them to SMTM?  They get hated on when they do well and if they don't do well, people hate on them too?


James Ball said...

#13 Well, haters are gonna hate. If they do well they'll say it's because they're in YG and there's a bias. If they don't do well, they'll get mocked.

But I think it will be a good learning experience for them to challenge themselves like this, specifically as rappers. They can only get better especially with their writing which is what I think they need to develop the most.

I too am sad to hear about Jolly V, what a shame.

Bald Mr.Worldwide said...

yes haters gon hate no matter what. If they proved all the salty netizens that they get far in this show, they will be like 'SMTM favor them bc of YG'.
If they fail to make it far, they'll be like 'oh I knew it!They're just bunch of useless idols!'
If they never go to this kind of show, they'll be like 'Another wannabe rappers!They're not real rapper.''

Afterall, they are entitled to their salty opinion and they are in denial that Bobby can wipe their jelly faces with his fierce and killer rapping flow.

Bald Mr.Worldwide said...

I'm actually happy that Bobby chose Dok2's team instead of Tablo and Masta Wu team. He can meet Tablo and learn from him in YG. This show give him an opportunity to learn from other rappers outside of YG.
I can see that Dok2 likes him and somehow fits Bobby more.During the 2nd episode, YDG and Swing's team turned off their light when Bobby didnt start well in his 1 minute rap but Dok2's team kept their light until the end and gave him a pass.

TY said...

It must be a pain in the ass when you are an idol in a highly-themed underground-ish show. I haven't really watched it but seeing a lot of rappers from the K-underground that I know of, I guess it's the idol's hell show. Lol.

I quite remember when Wonda drunkly commented on Twitter. Well, it maybe half-truth but there's truth in it. Lol

Kayla said...

if I could give 1000 upvotes to your comment , I would do it . This is so true , I've already seen many comments implying that yg paid MNET that's why Double B got so far in the show ...smh
people like this are stupid , it is obvious that both Bobby and B.I are better than your average idol rapper and I'd say that they are better than 80% of the rappers a in this season. If they got this far, its because of their own talent, not because money is involved or whatsoever

Guest said...

Giriboy and Cjamm is also part of Swing company but noone said anythinc. They only picked on Double B -_-

Nicola said...

everything he does is kind of ridiculous (lol face-punching the door?! really dude??) but he's still hot as fuck. I hope the scout that found him in NYC got a raise because he might just be the third generation meal ticket YG's been looking for

Saerhin said...

I wanna see hin face punching a door too :(

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