Bobby's Personality

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Aigoo ㅠ.ㅠ Thank you for looking over Bobby so lovingly.
The captures are from WIN.

"Once I debut,"

"I'll grab an opportunity and bring my mom over here to Korea so we can live together, that's my dream."

"I thought, 'Just a little bit more and I'll finally be able to see mom.'"

"I get thoughts like, 'My mom will love this'"

"My family is struggling a bit... Both my mom and dad go to work."

"My hyung also works and so..."

"Once I work hard and become a star"

"I'll be able to support my family."

"I want to bet my life on this."

"This is a body that will become a star."

"Please train me well~"

Video call with his mom.

"Hi Jiwon-ah~ I can hear you"

"What were you doing?"

"Jiwon, you can do well, right?"

"Who's son are you?"

"Mom's son~"

"That's right, you're my son"

"Bobby who has been away from his family for almost 3 years due to training."

"I'm not crying."

"Bobby's dad: Jiwon, take care of the little ones and be good to your hyungs."

"Bobby's dad: Take care of your dongsaengs and don't cry"

"Baby, my baby"

"Mom didn't want to cry, Baby-ya, My baby"


1. [+70, -4]  If you watch him on WIN, you'd know right away that he is truly kind-hearted.  On one of the unreleased videos, B.I said that he was hungry.  So, they both went to the convenience store and Bobby bought him everything from ramyun, lunch box, and drinks.  Bobby used up the remaining $24 he had for the month.  Though he has to survive with whatever money he had left, he still thought of his members first and bought everything for him...  He really takes care of others well and loves his family a lot.  A lot of people may be unaware of this but as a fan who's watched all of his videos, in my eyes, Bobby is an angel.

2. [+51, 0] I'm a fan of Winner but I came to like Bobby because of his eye smile ㅋㅋㅋ He's like a baby ㅠㅠ ♥ I wonder when Team B will debut

3. [+29, -3]  I'm watching Show Me The Money these days because of you!!!!  You better win and then tell Yang Hyun Suk to debut you!!!

4. [+15, 0]  Honestly, he seems really delicate and innocent.

5. [+15, -1] Baby.... don't cry...

6. [+12, 0]  I'm a Winner fan but you just can't hate Bobby... his personality is great, he's kind, and he's talented.  Team B, let's debut too!

7. [+10, 0] Whenever I see him, he looks more and more like Himchan.

8. [+8, 0] An oppa I know is his younger cousin... and apparently Bobby thinks of his family a lot.  Also, he video calls his cousins all the time.  I really hope Bobby becomes successful.  Do great!  

9. [+7, 0] His eye smile is really likeable. 


carnival said...

Bobby is gonna end up doing a lot of good things. I'm glad he's on SMTM3

rens said...

" [+12, 0] I'm a Winner fan but you just can't hate Bobby... his personality is great, he's kind, and he's talented. Team B, let's debut too!"- true!!

Sierra said...

OMG I want him to debut so badly ;-;

rhiaresa said...

I admire Bobby so much like you go and achieve your dreams


Bald Mr.Worldwide said...

yea that's my bias. He is like Daesung, a happy virus and an sweet smile angel.
If you watch WIN or SMTM,you will feel like he is one of the most genuine and determined idol.

dororo said...

bobby <3

Nicola said...

putting this guy on SMTM3 was a good move, showed us his tiger stripes

B.I not so much

Ignis Invictus said...

Bobby will be huge one day. He is really talented and he has that personality that pulls you in. And that eye smile and handsome face... yeah, he's a total package.

byul said...

Is B.I really that bad? I don't know anything about rap. Lol

Nicola said...

it's not as simple as being good/bad, both are a mixed bag of sometimes sloppy, sometimes skilled

but basically:

B.I showing his limitations, is good for an idol-rapper

Bobby showing promise, might just surpass idol-rapper label


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