Youngest YG Trainees Born in the Year 2000's

Source: Instiz

K-Pop Star Season 1, Choi Rae Sung
Born in 2000
Joined YG, was spotted with a Team B member once.

K-pop Star 2, Bang Yedam
Born in 2002

Lee Chaeyoung
Born in 2002


[1] YG definitely doesn't pick according to looks but then all of Winner is really handsome.

[2] Yedam's grown up a lot.

[3] Yedam looks like San E.

[4] YG really doesn't pick by visuals...

[5] Oh, I didn't know... YG's really getting bigger now.

[6] Wow... to think that I'm going to be a noona fan now.  Time flies.

[7] I'm so old nowㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

[8] Lee Chaeyoung seems to match YG well.

[9] Choi Rae Sung is apparently a really good dancer.

[10] What in the world, you mean I'm going to be a noona now?

[11] I didn't know they went into YG.


kimcheese said...

yedam and lee chaeyoung are so cute tgt lol

LoveTabi said...

''YG definitely doesn't pick according to looks but then all of Winner is really handsome.''

This so much!!!!

Ignis Invictus said...

I don't like shipping but I really went crazy when Yedam visited Chaeyoung back when she was still in Kpop Star. Like how can you not? *still giggling*

macy_12 said...

what by looks? these kids are adorable! they might grow up to be really good looking! actually they will, they need puberty & we've yet to see them hit it.
Anyways, i feel old now, i'm a '94 & these kids are 6-8 years younger, it'll be strange to stan them…… lol

Ray Rai said...

Lee chaeyoung is such a cutie pie...

Nicola said...

so basically two members of Team C

debuting sometime in 2018

rei said...

like my vip friend once said,,,, "Winner somehow feel like an oasis in dessert" lmao
it's not like other YG artist are ugly or what, they all have their own charm. but smh Winner members are really handsome

TY said...

I was dumbfounded with Yedam. OMG... Kid, you grew up too fast. O.O

Mjnia said...

I don't even wanna know how old i'll be by then cuz i'm already a noona to WINNER and some of Bigbang/2ne1 members. Lol... Maybe ajumma? Lmao

Mjnia said...

I'm '88 so you do the math... lmao.

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