Haru In 20 Years

Source: Instiz

Actress Han Yeri


[1] They somehow really do look alike

[2] Woah, she does look like Haru

[3] I saw her in that one movie

[4] Daebak ㅋㅋ Exactly alike

[5] Heol...?

[6] She was the lead girl in that movie with TOP right?

[7] She looks like my friend



Elizabeth said...

Woa ♡
They do look alike.

bitbig2 said...

[6] She was the lead girl in that movie with TOP right?

yes she is...

she's pretty good actress..she's really lucky, last year could act with TOP..and this year she's acting with Yoochun and do bed scene... o.O
like Haru that has so much luck in her life...to has Tablo as daddy, Bigbang as her uncles, 2NE1 as her aunts, and all YG Family... :)

rhiaresa said...

The eyes looks so similar...Haru's so pretty<3

TY said...

I think Haru will become much more charming.

keekee said...

similar eyes & lips! haru's gonna be as pretty as she is right now when she grows older :)

eunhauisegye said...

I fell for their monolids. Both are so pretty..

sobs said...

heol???? really??? movie or drama??

bitbig2 said...

movie..Sea Fog..just released in Korea :)

sobs said...

thank you fyi ^o^

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