PSY Monitoring His New Dance... August Comeback Approaching

Article: 'PSY Monitoring His New Dance... Comeback Approaching This August?'
Source: Exsportnews via Naver


1. [+1083, -37]  Isn't Winner supposed to come out in August too?  Just how the hell are YG's plans supposed to work

2. [+1028, -31]  PSY has a lot of pressure on him too.  Because now his new songs all have to exceed 100 million views or else it'll be labeled as a 'flop'.

3. [+575, -59]  With his hair not slicked up and looking at him from afar... he seems handsome.  It looks like he's lose some weight too ㅎ

4. [+477, -53]  I'm looking forward to it PSY!!

5. [+592, -255]  Both Gentleman and Hangover were disappointing... let's make something like Gangnam Style again!!

6. [+85, -2] I wish he wouldn't be so tied up with making something like Gangnam Style again... who could foresee that Gangnam Style was going to hit it that big?  I just want him to come out with songs like he would have normally done before.  

7. [+77, -2]  I don't need Gangnam Style or Hangover.  I think it'd be better if PSY could make songs like he used to.

8. [+73, -4]  He looks different in a black and white photo.  But I wish he'd stop putting alcohol, girls, and the low-down in his music videos..........

9. [+55, -1]  Instead of something like Gentleman or Hangover, please make something like Champion or Entertainers...

10. [+57, -5]  Don't use the director for the Hangover MV again. 


dororo said...

hulll he looks handsome in this pic o.o

soluizb said...

Yay YG dancers in MV!

eunhauisegye said...

Well, he's Song Joong Ki doppelganger tho. lol. I remember there was an article about them have similiar facial features.

zeyzeyzey said...

probably, probably not either. the photo was captioned with him monitoring the "new dance". so, most probably, yg dancers will be with him again in live performances.

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