Haru on The Strait Times' Top 10 Cutest Celebrity Babies

Source: Naver

Haru is listed as #7 on Singapore's The Strait Times "Top 10 Cutest Celebrity Babies" along with Suri Cruise and the Prince George of Cambridge.


1. [+6376, -331]  Haru's every action is so cute. ♥♥♥ Keep growing as you are now, pretty and loveable.

2. [+5422, -266]  Haru's looking more and more like her pretty mom as she grows up.  I hope she continues to grow the way she is now.

3. [+4994, -377]  Before, Sarang was the cutest but these days my eyes go towards pretty Haru.  She's kind-hearted too, I hope she grows up like that.

4. [+3526, -538]  Why are people mentioning Sarang here

5. [+459, -58]  She's still young but she has her own aura to her.

6. [+456, -59]  I think it's the way she isn't dressed up like most girls that gives her a charming, pretty, combination.  I think she'll grow up well.  Her face shape is small, her eyes are large though she doesn't have double eye-lids, and she has a sharp nose.

7. [+405, -54]  Haru's vibe is strange.  An extraordinary kid.  She oddly looks like Tablo and Kang Hyejung so she's lovely and charming.  Grow up healthily

 8. [+378, -45]  Haru has her own wacky way of making you laugh with her strange charm.  The best part was when she said "Where?" to Kang Seungyoon when Tablo told her a "handsome oppa" arrivedㅋㅋ Grow up just like you are~ㅋㅋ


gzbitch said...

Haru. The luckiest kid in Korea.

Bald Mr.Worldwide said...

I want a daughter like Haru.She is such a pretty and cute sweetie pie,no wonder Tablo is a daughter babo.

eunhauisegye said...

She looks like her Mom on those pics. So cute. I wonder which path she will go through in the future, music or acting?! ^^

bitbig2 said...

woahhh..the upvotes for Haru..
glad people love her... :)

lolli said...

perfect combo of hyejung + tablo ^_^

TY said...

The flower who grew in adversity. Not only is she pretty and lovable, she is also thrifty. Look at how her parents raised here... It's really great.

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