Tazza 2 Off To A Solid Start, Will It Be Able To Surpass The Original?

Source: Naver
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Article Synopsis: Tazza 2 is capturing massive attention with only the release of its teasers and photos.  Will it be able to surpass the original?


1. [+7850, -338]  No they can't...  Do you think that TOP and Shin Se Kyung can surpass Jo Seung Woo and Kim Hye Soo?????

2. [+6724, -309]  The lead stars' class is lacking compared to the supporting actors.

3. [+4365, -253]  It feels different just by looking at the cast.  It doesn't fit at all and I'm not feeling it.  I haven't watched TOP or Shin Se Kyung but... it's making me not want to watch it.  There's so many actors and actresses but the casting... sigh

4. [+4170, -201]  Tazza 2... Hope it's not like Friend 2

5. [+3664, -205]  They can't surpass the original.

6. [+541, -41]  You're saying they can outrank Jo Seung Woo, Kim Yoon Seok and Kim Hye Soo?  They can't and I'm betting my right hand and all my fortune on it.

7. [+517, -21]  But the leads really don't fitㅜㅜ

8. [+493, -35]  The lead stars are ridiculously lacking compared to the supporting actors.

9. [+452, -53]  The casting is a mess ㅋㅋㅋ It probably won't do well

10. [+400, -27] At least one of the leads should have a solid acting performance but I'm not looking forward to both of them.  Honestly, apart from TOP being an idol, he does a great job but his skills aren't enough to be a lead actor.  Whenever Shi Se Kyung comes out with a movie, she surprises with her "foot acting".  (T/N: Acting that has the emotional range of a foot.  Bad acting.)


[+333, -22] I really do like TOP but this just isn't it.  How are they going to surpass Kim Hye Soo and Jo Seung Woo?

[+243, -15] Wow daebak the movie's age rating is 15+?

[+219, -17]  By the way they've casted TOP and Shin Se Kyung, they seem to be targeting a younger audience, huh.  Then, whoever comes to see it won't be able to compare them to Jo Seung Woo and Kim Hye Soo anyway...  But still, they should have chosen a cast that could follow up the original.  It's a bit much if you're saying TOP and Shin Se Kyung can surpass the original movie.

[+34, -14] TOP is pretty good but Shin Se Kyung isn't... I would watch it if it's TOP and Kim Hye Soo.


Bald Mr.Worldwide said...

the original casts are always the best, plus the lead girl is a big meh to me, she looks boring and bad at acting. Sorry TOP, I like you but I think this wont beat the original Tazza.

bitbig2 said...

thanks for take my request >.<
i know this movie will be compare with Tazza 1..even this movie isn't the remake of the 1st Tazza movie
but hope this movie can prove to people that TOP just improve his acting.. (hopefully)
even he himself just hope this movie and his acting can pleasure the fans of Tazza comic...

lilyann3 said...

I'm looking forward to this movie so much. I'm so excited! And I'm glad, that even if fans of the first movie think it can't be surpassed, they still like TOP. It's a normal feeling for sequels or remakes.

TY said...

Why is it Shin Sekyung.... Isn't she called the rigid princess with only one expression? Hmmm. I hope this turns out well.

Aaa8897 said...

[+34, -14] TOP is pretty good but Shin Se Kyung isn't... I would watch it if it's TOP and Kim Hye Soo.

Ray Rai said...

Havent watch sequal movie better than orginal and so i didnt expect too much from this movie..just want to see TOP improve acting n netizen acknowladge his acting skill..
Hey netizen donz hate se kyung she is love.

ariel28 said...

there's no need to surpass Tazza 1, as long as the movie becomes successful in the box office and TOP's acting in the film gets positive feedbacks, TOP already has a solid, secure future in the industry. so good luck yobo <3 Fighting!~

Lumiere said...

those reactions were expected
hopefully he can prove himself

bitbig2 said...

actually TOP is got negative review from fans of the 1st movie...even before this movie released..
in movie naver or movie daum...many of them give rate 1 of 10 for the movie..since the announcement that TOP and SSK become the lead cast..
some of them comment why not Kim So Hyun or Lee Seung Gi or another candidates that put this movie down before TOP..
yeaa...we should wait till the movie released..
actually i'm eager to watch not just because TOP ahjussi..but this movie was directed by SUNNY's director.. :)
the trailer was remind me of Ocean Eleven..haha

lilyann3 said...

actually, fans of the 1st movie said: "TOP is pretty good" and " apart from TOP being an idol, he does a great job" and *** " I really do like TOP" *** with hundreds of upvotes.

which is why I said: "And I'm glad, that even if fans of the first movie think it can't be surpassed, *** they still like TOP.***"

I guess you don't follow movies much and never visited Yahoo, where every sequel and remake gets mostly one star reviews and complaints. And if Lee Seunggi had been cast you naively believe they wouldn't also have left one star reviews? That follows neither the history of movies or human nature. I'm going to assume, your rude reply to me was an accident.

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