(Spoilers!) B.I's Shocking 1:1 Battle, Bobby's Mental Breakdown

Source: Naver

1. [+2220, -47]  There should be a rematch, this is such a hit and miss...  The younger rappers and Giriboy were eliminated but you still keep Yook Ji Dam, what is this?

2. [+1432, -86]  Well, B.I doesn't have experience underground either so just how far can an idol aspire to go...  But still, he does pretty well compared to other idols, doesn't he?  To be honest, right from the start, it was strange that B.I and Bobby would participate in Show Me The Money.  I guess everybody takes different roads.  It won't hurt if they try but once they mess up, they get hated on;

3. [+1374, -60] It's B.I ... not B-Bye... What do you mean bye?
(T/N: The reporter wrote 비바이 (B.Bai or B.Bye) instead of 비아이, B.I)

4. [+901, -22]  They just burst at the endㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Just fired out a bunch of things ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+776, -69]  Ah..... today's episode wasn't good at all

6. [+352, -6]  Yook Ji Dam forgot her lyrics and only said "1-2-3" but she passed.  She just took away her opponent's rap.  She's rising up without doing anything ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ F*cking crazy ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

7. [+353, -3]  I agree that there's something wrong with the system.  I do understand that this is a tournament program that eventually has to pick first place.  However, I think the 1:1 battle method is unreasonable since they are supposed to give more exposure to underground rappers or people who haven't had the chance to let their skills shine.  But... although I'm someone in my 30's who doesn't think much of idols, I really do think that B.I and Bobby are decent rappers.  I feel bad that they're put down as generic just because they hold the title of an "idol that will debut anyway."  Whether B.I's first round was staged or real, he can't come out without practicing.  Bobby's flow is better than the average underground rapper.  I don't agree with those who say that their skills are 'average'.

8. [+304, -34]  Bobby and B.I are both striving to improve their rapping and they're working so hard.  But since the other contestants keep regarding them as 'idols, idols', they receive more criticism and aren't able to display their skills properly.  They did well before too and these kids shed blood and sweat and worked hard to be able to get into a good company.

Article: 'Show Me The Money 3' Bobby Eliminated In Third Round... Bobby's Mental Breakdown
Source: Naver

1. [+645, -38]  It's regrettable but it's a result that you can't deny.

2. [+624, -45]  B.I, don't give up!!  Just improve and show us a much cooler stage in the future!!

3. [+578, -65] San.E: I don't understand Nanananananananananananana

4. [+531, -45] It's too bad he made a mistake

5. [+516, -96] B.I always forgets, he was like that in Win too.

6. [+153, -6]  I think this is a good experience at his age.  He just needs to work hard though he's trying his best to improve now.  Maybe it's because he hasn't had much experience with rap battles...?  To be honest, I like B.I's neat raps more than Bobby's.  But I don't understand how he forgot so much of his lyrics.  He would've won if he didn't forget them.  I'm shocked that Giriboy got eliminated too ㅋㅋ I think they need to change the system.

7. [+156, -8] I really think there's a problem with Show Me The Money's system.  The 1:1 battles are so badly matched up.

8. [+146, -5] But why does Yang Hyun Suk always say they have to pack their bags if something happens ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ He's too much, why's he like that ㅋㅋ He has the meanest remarks on Kpop Star too aside from JYP

9. [+156, -16]  For anyone who's seen WIN, they would know that aside from B.I's rap skills, his leadership is incredible.  He's a hardworking kid.

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Elizabeth said...

So how many times has BI forgotten his lyrics now...
This show will either make or break his image as a "genius idol rapper".
I still dont get the hype around him.
Hes got potential but I think he needs to tone his theatrical antics down a little bit.
He needs to forget the spectacle and use smtm to show his raps skills. Then once he finally debuts he can resume all his drama.

hannaxxy said...

San.E LOL, I heard he isn't really eliminated though?? hmm...

-- said...

yes b.i sometimes forgets the lyrics but he doesnt do everytime .mnet editing sucks big time specially for show me the money. Like from three episodes the screen time between contestants is not fair at all .
I dont understand why some ppl thinks they need to like b.i 's rap or understand hanbin's hype.
U either like his style or u dont like it at all.

he is definately skilled. He is got that charishma on stage. He is hardworking day by day. For me personally he is the only one who touched my heart with his rap that no other artist ever could.

"Bobby and B.I are both striving to improve their rapping and they're working so hard. But since the other contestants keep regarding them as 'idols, idols', they receive more criticism and aren't able to display their skills properly. They did well before too and these kids shed blood and sweat and worked hard to be able to get into a good company. " this.... i am anticipating them in the future.

lolli said...

the not as good rappers that are eliminated now would also be eliminated even if bobby and b.i werent there, so dont say they took away other rappers' chances-.- theyre just nervous.. b.i seems to be more comfortable on a stage while bobby is more comfortable in front of someone up close. dont say it like theyre the only ones who forgot their lyrics, more than half of them did too and theyre even worse because they can't continue smoothly like b.i and bobby. i didnt expect much at first but they already exceed my expectations. stop with fking idol bs, theyre not even idols yet and dont wanna be judged as idols, and dont even deny it theyre at least better than half of the rappers there. theyre young and have a lot of potential, im anticipating!!!

lolli said...

"He needs to forget the spectacle and use smtm to show his raps skills" this is easier said than done. im pretty sure he wants to do that too but just too overwhelmed
and hes only like what, 17/18? i think hes already really impressive at this age.. no one really expects him to win anyways so this is just gonna be a new experience for him prior to debut... people judge him too harshly. if u watched his past vids including win, he's working really hard and he definitely deserves the hype around him.
tbh... im GD's fan but i think even if GD, whos so fearless, went to do this at his age, i dont think he could do well either..

lolli said...

Baby B.I, gd will wait for you~

rhiaresa said...



lolli said...

u know when some ppl are nervous they just use their actions to cover up... its not like he wanted to show any less effort in rapping (as he knows its a rapping competition) he just simply couldn't rap freely at the moment because of nervousness?
ofc gd's goal now is a singer, producer and much more than that... but when he first debuted, he definitely aimed for rapping actually thats not important.. i was talking about gd's attitude when he first debuted was really fearless but i think even with his mentality at that time, this competition would be nerve-wrecking for him too. and i said he wouldnt do well not simply because of his rapping skills but the pressure and large scale instead

TY said...

So much negativity in the comment's section. We all have to remind ourselves that it's not easy to come out if you're the only one. In WIN, BI was with his group members but this is one-on-one, it's a first time being exposed with an audience and fighting with someone else...

Lumiere said...

wait so now they are both eliminated?

Sillage said...

You do know that the past two times he forgot his lyrics ... he free-styled: Team B did well and he shut someone up.

That said, it's clear from the start B.I and Bobby are here to learn above anything else so stop with your passive aggressiveness he is a kid for god's sakes.

Sillage said...

Giriboy. Out. Though ...

This show has been on the shit end lately with the weird editing antics and these 1:1 battles ....

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