Latest Picture of a Male YG Trainee

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His height is apparently around 185 cm...  It's unsure whether he'll be included in Team B's survival show.


- Wow, he's handsome

- He looks like Park Seo Joon +8 Agree

- His fashion is kind of like Zico's

- Oh, he's good-looking

- He's handsome but why in Team B...?

- What Team B survival show?

- Please not in that survival show

- Just let Team B stay how they are.  They've already come this far... I'm so annoyed by these plans

- Team B is going to go through another survival show and not stay with the same members?
-- Yes, they are with 3 additional trainees.

- Heol, he's my style.

- Before he goes into Team B... his height is a bit... you know
-- I shouldn't be laughing but why am I laughing so much right now
---- You can laugh if you want ㅋㅋ I got worried for Team B right when it said his height is 185... especially Jinhwan.... ((((((Our Kim Jinhwan)))))))

- Heol, I thought it was Park Seo Joon


TY said...

Wait wait wait.... Do they mean another survival show but it's within Team B? WHAT?

Jany jany said...

I'm still praying he is one of them. He's so handsome~

Bald Mr.Worldwide said...

this dude has a cool and good visual but his height doesnt match with with Team B lol. I'm Team B biased but I wont mind to see him joining them if he is freaking talented in singing.

huh said...

please be an actor T_____T dont join team b T_____T

ygstanlover said...

He was part of Team A before Win survival show was aired.I think he returns so hope to see him soon.
hahaha I agree it will be weird cause Team B are short guys,definetly this boy will be THE GIANT xd

-- said...

"You can laugh if you want ㅋㅋI got worried for Team B right when it said his height is 185... especially Jinhwan.... ((((((Our Kim Jinhwan)))))))"

Poor jinhwan kkkkkk . He will always be picked for his height

huh said...

yes.... apparently hes gonna add 3 more trainees and have them compete against each other ughhhhh i want the original 6 i hate yg

hongphuong Lethi said...

Team B're not short guys...Hanbin n Jiwon're 180cm...JunHoe's 183cm..Yun n Hyuk about 175-178cm...not mention Jinhwan here =]]]]]]]]]] his height about 165cm~~~~LOL

they're so young so they're still grown up~~~and this guy he's so handsome but he should to be a actor n not joining in Team B...cause so many fan would hate him,me too.

merp said...

He looks like the druggie in my school O.O Handsome, actually.

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