Sandara Park in an Innocent Outfit

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She's just wearing a red-one piece knit sweater and her hair is just let loose but...
it's like a Goddess, Sandara Park, has appeared


[+111, -6] The moment I opened this post, my mouth went "Wow..."

[+39, -3] What's more interesting is that she's all natural

[+33, -1] Superior genes...

[+32, -1] She would fit with a fashion style like A-pink's but that styling would probably never happen in YG... -,- 

[+30, -5] I think this unnie is prettier than Yoona and I think it's weird when people always say that SNSD's Yoona is #1 in beauty out of all the girl groups when this unnie is so much prettier????  I'm sorry, I didn't mean to compare but I just wanted to know the reason why and people's preferences are all different... 

[+27, -4] She's this pretty so all those people that say she isn't must have something wrong with their eyes.  Think again, people.  This is an all-natural beauty

[+22, -1] I still can't forget the shock I felt when I first saw her...... who knew a girl like her would be in YG
[+20, -1] ...Even with all those crazy outfits she would wear... and those crazy hairstyles... since her face is pretty... Wow.

[+19, -1] It's true that Sandara Park is the ultimate baby-face out of all girl groups.

[+18, 0] Ultimate! Baby! Face!
[+18, -1] Wow... she's way too pretty... she has a kind, pretty face.

[+18, -2] RIP Fans. Cause of death: Shock from beauty
[+17, -2] She's beautiful.  As another girl, I think she is the prettiest idol

[+14, -1] This unnie can make this hair work
[+14, -1] To be honest, Sandara Park is a good singer.  It's just that the others are really really good that it seems she isn't.  Sandara sang the chorus of I love you too.

[+13, 0] I got so shocked because she's so pretty.

[+10, 0] So damn pretty...ㅠㅠ


Ignis Invictus said...

All those pictures are really awesome. I think that because she has a naturally pleasant personality, it also adds to how others perceive her beauty.

Ray Rai said...

Ahh godness dara...

tazanya said...

Such a doll <3

TOP said...

[+111, -6] The moment I opened this post, my mouth went "Wow..."

Me exactly!

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