Taeyang on Tablo's Radio Show

Source: Pann


[+44, 0] I'm Tablo's fan so I've always been monitoring and watching this but Taeyang's live was really really good...... My reaction then was "Is he playing the CD" to "I don't know if this is LIVE or an actual recording", wow.  Also, Haru's surprise appearance was really cute and lovely. ㅋ

[+43, 0] I'm so glad Youngbae's doing well!!  Whenever he released albums, I felt like there wasn't as much interest so I was really upset but I'm really glad this album's doing well!!!  I'm so happy! 

[+34, 0] He's looking at Haru so affectionatelyㅋㅋ

[+15, 0] You really have to approve of Taeyang's musicality.

[+13, 0] I want Taeyang

[+11, 0] Taeyang's great these days

[+11, 0] Youngbae is the best

[+7, 0] Love me to the death is also amazing

[+7, 0] Eyes Nose Lips is so addicting.  All of Taeyang's songs are good!  Even the ones that don't get much recognition, everything!  Just everything!

[+5, 0] His eyes are really charming.  I love how he smiles so brightly...

[+2, 0] I love you so much Youngbae


TY said...

Why is he so hot??? Lol

Ray Rai said...

Where is downvote??...kkkkk taeyang is best....

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