SM's Art Director vs YG's Art Director

Source: Instiz

SM's Art Director - Min Heejin

YG's Art Director - Jang Seongeun

SM's is dreamlike and fancy 
YG's is simple and classy


- Both are pretty.

- Personally, I like SM's style.

- Their art is pretty and even their faces are pretty

- Their looks and aura also suit the company they're with.

- Wow... but she really has that YG characteristic to her.

- All of YG's albums are unique and very pretty

- I like YG's better

- They both have an aura

- I really like Pink Tape's

- I've always thought about this but if you compare YG and SM's albums together... SM emphasizes more on the packaging and it's story-like quality while YG emphasizes the quality of the material.  But both of the companies' albums are so interesting that I want to buy them bothㅠㅠ And that's how my money disappears again... 


Ray Rai said...

Jung Seongeun i love you but now days album design of yg is just so plain.. gd coupdata,crush,rise cover design are just so so simple and classy ,unique stuff are gone
N those sm stuff are not my type..

monix said...

sm's are too floral ...i would have loved them if i was years younger

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