Tablo's Daughter Haru Getting Prettier and Prettier

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Haru's latest pictures, she's really gotten prettier and she's growing up so fast

She looks exactly like her mom!  Her eyes are so pretty

But what I'm most jealous about is

She gets GD's love


She's a girl that has been kissed by GD and Taeyangㅋㅋ

She's really growing up now, I think she'll be even prettier when she's older

[+77, 0] In that picture with Sandara... that's Tablo so why did his face get blurredㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

[+47, -3] She looks like her mom and dad... it's interesting~ she has such well-defined features

[+45, -1] Appa~ Appa~ can we buy Kwon Jiyong oppa with a card?

[+16, 0] Her eyes are pretty though she doesn't have double eyelids, her eyes are already so nice.  Her heart is beautiful too, I hope she grows up well~

[+16, -5] I think she'll be very pretty when she grows up.  For all those people that think she looks like a boy because her hair's short... just you wait.  Ah, she's so pretty

[+14, -2] Haru-ya, a handsome oppa has arrived


husdisbish said...

Lmaoooo that handsome oppa reference and then Haru asked "where?"

Hahaha never forget xD

TY said...

She is seriously in a different league right now. Everybody wants to be Lee Haru. Lol

Aaa8897 said...

[+14, -2] Haru-ya, a handsome oppa has arrived

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