WINNER's Debut Countdown, Big Crowd At Their Event "Shocking Popularity"

Source: Naver


[+68, -2] I went to see them today and there were so many people.  Is it really true that they haven't debuted yet?  All of the members have small faces and are good-looking.  Fanta-nim, please arrange a fan meeting event next time!

[+55, -3] I went to this event and all of them are very tall and good-looking.  I'm anticipating their debut on August 1st!

[+54, -2] On such a hot day, Winner, the fans, and the staff, you all worked so hard.  I'll be waiting for your album on 08.01!!!

[+53, -3] Just like the words, they are Mega Rookies!!!  I can't believe the album we've been waiting for for so long is finally coming out... I can't waitㅠㅠ Winner fighting!

[+53, -2] Winner, you're the best!

[+29, -1] They look so good in real life.  You really can't capture their looks on pictures and such.  I looked at Kim Jinwoo and I thought he was a doll.  The last time I saw Winner was months ago during their final battle and they've gotten at least 3000x more good-looking since then.  Whenever I would show my friend their pictures, she'd be indifferent to them. But when she came to see them today in person... she was spazzing more than me!!!  Winner in person is just...wow!


gzbitch said...

Look at this cute little shit

vkguin said...

Mino's facial expressions are d best, Hoonie's so sweet to children, and then Jinwoo, omfg like seriously he's so cute to be the eldest. I envy kfans so much >.<

husdisbish said...

Yea , id like to ask if Jinwoo is real too haha

Elizabeth said...

Kim Jinwoo is a problem!!!!!!!!! His beautiful face is too much for my weak heart!!!
Also WINNER + kids =♡

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