Gummy "The reason I left YG: I wanted to sing"

Source: TV Report via Instiz

Gummy participated on the July 11th broadcast of Yoo Hee Yeol's Sketchbook.

"You parted ways with YG Entertainment.  Don't you feel uneasy?"  
Gummy replied, "It's a place where I've gained a lot of knowledge.  YG's mindset is if the music isn't the best it could get, you're not going to promote.  The artists have to get approval.  I had the same mindset for a while.  But as time passed by, I felt that I would regret it if I didn't take the time I have now to make and promote my music.  I wanted to try it even though it would be a challenge.  Yang Hyun Suk also said to go ahead with it if a good opportunity came by.  It was like leaving your parent's home.  I consider that place my home." 


- Ms. Gummy, fighting!

- YG seems cold-hearted somehow... Unnie, I'm supporting your songs!

- If the music isn't at it's ultimate level?  Then why was Seungri so rushed?  +5 agree

- Heol, she left?

- YG's company seems strange... I feel like there's a lot of favoritism 

- I'm so glad she's promoting with great songs with C-Jes

- Gummy unnie fighting!

- Gummy is really pretty

- Stay strong!


Elizabeth said...

even though im sad she left YGE im happy that she got out of the cave and is finally releasing more music :) .

James Ball said...

The truth is she wasn't making the company much money so she got ignored. They were probably wanting her to leave. It's unfortunate but people forget that YGE is a business and in this for the profits.

TY said...

Only proves that YG only grants albums and songs that sell.

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