YG Entertainment's New Logo Cost 5 Billion Won To Change?

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The sign and of course the replacement fees but 5 billion won???

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- It looks the same

- It costs a lot of money to change logos too, huh...

- Feels like it changed from Hiragana to Katakana

- Wasting money on any little thing

- What... changed....for 5 billion won....

- For me, the first one is prettier

- It looks the same though?!?!?

- You should have donated the five billion won to me instead

- It's been a while since they changed the logo! 

- Are you sure you didn't mean 500,000 won? 

- Five billion won?... The amount of chicken I could buy with that

- They look the same but I like the altered version better

- It's like the price of gum.  (I don't have money for gum.)

- Oh so that's why when you order from the YGE Shop, that logo is displayed so big on the box.  So that they can brag about the 5 billion won logo...oops sorry I didn't know

- Nani???????? 

- Please spend that money on your artists

- Why does it go up to 5 billion???
-- Probably some formalities here and there and it adds up.

- But, why?


soluizb said...

The old one is nice imo

Yuleylll said...

"Feels like it changed from Hiragana to Katakana"

LOL. This Korean knows his/her Japanese. ;)

wat said...

"Feels like it changed from Hiragana to Katakana"


08012014 said...

they had to pay for a whole new YG font. lol. it's also the branding. so ofc it wont come cheap.

TY said...

The first one seems friendlier. Lol
But the latest makes me feel too formal.

golden said...

Damn. 5 billion just to change logos...??

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