Why YG Artists Have Good Manners

Source: Instiz

"Why YG artists never have issues about manners"

"Yang CEO's Instructions

1. Become a person first before you become an idol.

If you see someone older than you whether it be a YG artist or a staff member, all trainees must bow 90 degrees and greet them with a loud voice.

2. Although YG has the skill to make jewels shine, we do not have the ability to make stones shine.

Whether you become a jewel? or a stone?
It only begins with your own sweat and determination.

Never forget that you are all 5-point worth trainees (could be dropped at any second), use an hour of your time like you would with 10 hours, and do not forget that you are here to practice.

We implement a monthly evaluation for all trainees 
so always be on guard.

Those who lack the talent and those who don't have potential will go home. "


- Their mannersㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

- I think YG forgot to follow his own instructions

- I feel like YG is a really good company from an outsider's point of view.  I feel like it's very comfortable and they train you well.

- Eh Eh Eh Eh YG

- YG's so cool

- YG seems like such a good company for artists..... not for fans though.

- Yes, YG's a pretty good place........ so when's Big Bang's comeback?

- I honestly don't understand Yang Hyun Suk's plans but I do have respect for the way he trains them.  All of them are so courteous and well-mannered.

- YG really has a strong mental focus.

- Seriously, that before you become a star, become human ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 

- Aoh how lovely ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ So when are you going to start treating fans nicely, or is that not in the plan?

- That's one of the reasons I love Big Bang

- This makes me proud of them

- If it wasn't for how long they take to comeback, I would say they're the best


husdisbish said...

Was this recent ? But yeah proud theyre getting recognised for it,especially GD.That guy is a bowing machine.

Sierra said...

Last comment made me laugh a little...but hey, at least the music they release after the long wait is worth it

Sierra said...

Yea, the two leaders GD and CL always bow like 90 degrees. Really nice ~^^~

husdisbish said...

Yup.Defo . Im just thinking how funny some idols are when they ignore or just nod a little when their senior bows to them.Like u srs.

Sierra said...

lmao ikr. BB and 2ne1 bow to their hoobaes but some idols won't even bow to their sunbaes

Princess said...

GD the bowing machine... :")
He even bows for his hoobae..

Leasseable Lee said...


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