YG Trainees Born in 1997 (Caution: Handsome)

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1. Goo Joonhoe (March 31, 1997)

2. Kim Donghyuk (January 3, 1997)


[+119, -1] Did something happen in 1997

[+104, -13] Their talent is no joke when you see them on stage.  I think they'll debut

[+99, -6] Goo Joonhoe oppa, why are you younger than me?

[+17, -3] YG's finally picking good looks too ㅋㅋ If they're like this now, imagine them later..

[+17, -3] They're young but their skills and mentality are amazing.


Ignis Invictus said...

I don't know if you have seen Junhoe's airport pictures but they all looked stunning. And Donghyuk shifts from cutie to manly at an instant.

And yes, they are still fetuses at 17 years old.

-- said...

"They're young but their skills and mentality are amazing."

One of the reasons why i admire team b.
Junhwae vocal skills are no joke. And donghyuk his passion is so great.
I hope they achieve their dreams one day.
"Their talent is no joke when you see them on stage. I think they'll debut" this XD

Ignis Invictus said...

And here we go with the 20,000 ways on how to spell Junhoe's name. Seriously, we need a general fandom meeting to sort this pressing issue. LOL.

Bald Mr.Worldwide said...

is there an official name for him? I am so confused.Junhoe, Junhwe, Junhwae,Joonhoe,Joonhwe etc etc lmao

anton said...

He's 2 years younger than me I'm officially a pedonoona :')

Ignis Invictus said...

YG uses Junhoe but I use all the other versions you've just enumerated too. lol

huh said...

"Goo Joonhoe oppa, why are you younger than me?" this.... i want to call u oppa T_T the day that i became a noona fan finally came...

yooo said...

the thing is that he thinks team b is ugly ... -__-

gzbitch said...


Kayla said...

They are honestly so cute and hot at the same time

And lol at Jumhoe/Junhwe/Joohoe etc...'s identity problems XD

sunrose31 said...

sex face

Gdi*k said...

The joonhoe guy looks like Willber Pan in my eyes and what he's younger than me??? Nooo I feel so old now

Nicola said...

team b jailbait game is strong

jun-whatever over here with the 10,000 names is a grenade of talent about to blow, if YG messes it up with him then their management is officially incompetent

donghyuk less talented but better celebrity material, not awkward in front of the camera, not shy about taking his shirt off

Vie ♔ said...

[+119, -1] Did something happen in 1997

TBH!! not only in YG but if you follow so much groups **like me** there's a lot of '97 liner that seriously hot, handsome, tall, with all oppa materials and talented as well omg. AND OFC ACTOR YOO JINGOO!! oppa why are you younger than me?????? /cries
WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED IN 1997???? *cue reply 1997*

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