WINNER's New Photoshoot

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Winner who has done everything before debuting has released new photos

They're still pre-debut but their expressions are like art~
It really seems like they've had a lot of experience with photo shoots


[+38, -4] I don't know much about fashion and whatnotㅋㅋ but these kids look really good even when you take a picture of them freely

[+34, -4] "A group that has done everything before debuting"ㅋㅋ Those words can't be anymore true.

[+29, -1] Photographer-nim, cordi-nim, please don't be like~this~ please take pictures of Winner prettily (T/N: Referring to some of the awkward poses.)
[+20, -2] They're already shooting ads with adidas, Fanta, NII, and now a uniform line... The ad companies are people who only think of business thoughㅋㅋ and they're ruthless if you don't make them money.  With that said, they must have a certain star quality (with all these ad companies offering them deals.) 

[+20, -4] I'll wait for 08.01.  I'll see you soon WINNER

[+18, -1] Just take any capture from their videos and it would look even better

[+15, -1] Did the photographer give Winner money?  And the cordi too ㅋㅋ Tone down the foundation, seriouslyㅋㅋ

[+15, -1] The cordi and the photographer made a mistakeㅋㅋ Why did they make them look that way?
[+13, -1] Winner... these fresh kids ㅋㅋ


TY said...

I'm waiting patiently.

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