B.I's "BE I" Hits #1 on Music Charts, Gained Netizens' Approval

Source: Xsportsnews via Naver

"After its release on August 8th, "BE I" rose to 1st on Bug's music chart, 2nd on Olleh Music, Genie, and Cyworld Music, 4th on Soribada and Daum, 7th on Mnet, 8th on Melon, and 9th on Naver Music."


1. [+379, -14]  I thought B.I would leave Show Me The Money with a loss but now that I've watched this broadcast, I feel like he's finally earned something from this show.  I'm cheering you on B.I.

2. [+305, -8]  'Y'all fall back, back, now and I'll rise to the top, top.'
(T/N: Lyrics from B.I's "BE I".)

3. [+277, -10]  It's so good!  Hurry up and debut so you can show us your cool stages even more.  I'll always cheer you on ㅎㅎㅎㅎ ~

4. [+259, -10]  B.I's the best!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥ I hope he debuts soon ㅠㅠ 

5. [+247, -6]  All of you must definitely listen to the last performance of CLIMAX on Win, right now.

6. [+67, -2]  You should all go and listen to Climax too.  It gives you goosebumps. 

7. [+63, -1]  B.I's song is good~  I keep humming it to myself.

8. [+63, -1]  B.I's stage this time around was like an established singer that out-shined everyone.


lalalavip said...

told ya'll B. I. wont admit to defeat that easily

rhiaresa said...

So proud.Good job, Hanbin!!~


Ignis Invictus said...

Damn. I'm grinning from ear to ear. But netz are fickle, so let me have this moment.

I can't wait for Bobby's next week. How many more days? I hope that it will be just as good. And I want Double B to share a stage again and I want it to happen soon.

Hanbin_BonBon said...

Ok so last night he hit #1 spot on Melon. Forreal. It's not easy to even ranked in top10. I feel so proud. My shy leader♥

Bald Mr.Worldwide said...

It's hard for a rap song to hit #1 on melon(eventho it has dropped to #10) and consider the song isnt made for public and promotion ao I'll say it is already an achievement.
I wonder how Bobby will do next week because the 14years veteran rapper Vasco picked him as his rival.Bobby must be proud of that.

gzbitch said...

"Mic check 1, 2, my name is B.I."

I kept singing that part.

Ignis Invictus said...

If he eliminates Vasco - and that's a big IF - Bobby might just win this. I think Bobby has it in him. He just needs the right materials for the succeeding rounds.

Bald Mr.Worldwide said...

hmm actually I dont want double B to win SMTM. Bobby has it in him but I feel that he will get hate if he win.You know some of the comments will be like 'There is no way he is above a 14years veteran rapper','YG bribe the show to let him win', 'fangirls power/unfair'.Besides, i think Vasco or Iron are more consistent and their rapping are raw and deep lyrical wise. I also feel like they need the win more than double B because of their financial problem.
Double B already gained a lot through this show.Now a lot of people acknowledge them as rappers and their popularity continues to skyrocket.

Ignis Invictus said...

I agree with your logic. I'm just saying Bobby has a shot at it-- A real honest to goodness shot if there is no Vasco in the picture.

-- said...

He hit #1 spot on melon last night... even though it was late i am so proud of him. He deserves it everything. Its already 24 hours passed they released a song be i is still in top 10. I am so proud. I feel like mother who is proud of their son.

Thank you for translating ygpress. :)

cookiesncream said...

His rap says it all. This gives hope to all the people who fell to stand up proudly and come back stronger. I love it the part when he said to look at yourself in the mirror first. Haters gonna sit and stare.

TY said...

YG Papa is fangirling to his bias. Lol
But seriously, he's rally doing well. :)

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