Show Me The Money 3: B.I Performs Without Mistakes

Source: Xsportsnews, Korean Economy, Herald Pop, fnNews


1. [+1614, -70]  He did well this time, without any mistakes. 

2. [+1523, -49]  Why is YDG like that??????????  I feel so bad for Iron

3. [+1394, -91]  He was really good and his personality is great too.

4. [+1384, -126]  Wow, B.I killed it.  I honestly got goosebumps today... he did so well;

5. [+1280, -44]  He was seriously amazing.  I wanted to see Bobby's rap too but I have to wait until next week, what?

6. [+363, -20]  Heol??  He really killed it this time!

7. [+365, -27]  C'mon, all you haters have to admit he did well today.

1. [+1726, -36]  I hated B.I because his fangirls would shield him whenever he messed up his lyrics ㅋㅋㅋㅋ But since he didn't make any mistakes today, he was good!

2. [+1620, -11]  Today, B.I and Olltii honestly did so well.

3. [+1520, -18]  But B.I really performed well today.  His stage was neat and Olltii's lyrics were written very well.  I enjoyed watching today's episode while seeing B.I and Olltii cheer each other on.

4. [+1391, -13]  His hook for today was really memorable.

5. [+1271, -36]  What happened with YDG.... ㅠㅠ I feel bad for Iron.

6. [+267, -5]  B.I's stage was great... I enjoyed his the most.  Honestly, it was the first time I heard that song.

7. [+265, -3]  B.I performs so well as long as he doesn't make any mistakes.

1. [+912, -29]  Obviously since it's B.I, I knew he would prove himself somehow.  Plus it was so nice to see him and Olltii not fighting with each other.

2. [+821, -31]  Ya, you did so well.  Now you really seemed like the B.I from WIN

3. [+638, -31]  I'll only say one thing.  B.I performed so well today♡

4. [+641, -25]  He was so good today!!!!!

5. [+620, -33]  B.I must have worked really hard, it felt so heartwarming to watch him finish his stage clean with no mistakes.  Click that upvote if you feel the same.


1. [+993, -189]  No but Olltii...  He's a '96 line himself but he's always looking down on his competition so full of confidence... I feel like he's going a bit too overboard.

2. [+766, -14]  I don't think they'll be of advantage to each other ㅋㅋ Just work hard on your own.

3. [+706, -9]  Do the editing properly, honestly.  Always broadcasting nonsense, I can't even listen to the music properly.

4. [+661, -44]  B.I is really good as long as he doesn't make mistakesㅠ I hope he does well this time too.

5. [+498, -21]  The two of them are cute. I hope they receive great results for their skills.


Kayla said...


B.I is definitely on another level now ,I still cant believe he is #1 on Melon right now. A friendly reminder that he's just a trainee , without his teamates and without promotions . This is just amazing . Thank you Kim Hanbin ♥

carnival said...

can someone please explain why YDG has been dismissing IRON like that

Ignis Invictus said...

Thank you for the translation. I'm just so happy that people are leaving nice comments about B.I's performance. He really did well. ♥

Kayla said...

it's probably too much to ask but if you have time could you please translate it if an article about BI's #1 on Melon comes out on korean sites ??? THANK YOUUUUU ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

macy_12 said...

omg! #1 on the most relevant & heavy weighing chart? BI be killing it!

macy_12 said...


Bald Mr.Worldwide said...

BE I is no.1 on melon real time chart!I didnt expect that since it is not a fun song which the public will jam nor it is some touching love song made for public.He was just singing about his own story lol That is mad impressive! Proud of him.
Tbh I can't deny that even as a fan of B.I I was upset and disappointed that he forgot the lyrics he wrote on his own. However,he got me proud now not just because he pulled a good performance but also he has good attitude.

-- said...

B.I, i really enjoyed his song and performance. and he is really doing well in the charts. for a trainee to do that its great achievement.

his lyrics has deep meaning as well.

Thank you for the translation ygpress :)

kiym said...

and he's just.... 17!!!!!!!!!! Hanbin ♥

Sillage said...

And the demographics that are listening over half are male in their 20's lol where's that infamous fan-girl kpop support now. No one is carrying his ass he's carrying his own.

Bald Mr.Worldwide said...

idk I just felt like he either don't like Iron or he trusts him. However,I still think that he was a bit too much bc Iron texted him to explain his idea and seek for advice but he just told him to do whatever he wants.
Iron was upset and he regretted to join YDG team bc he learn nothing there.
Tbh he should join 1llionaire team and Giriboy should join Tablo team bc he doesn't fit YDG at all. I get that he wants to try something different but man his stage are all mess after he went to that team.

Kayla said...

yeah I saw that too ! it think it was something like 55% of the listeners are males in their 20's

King Hanbin getting them fanboys before debut ♡

Bald Mr.Worldwide said...

Idc what others say,I ship B.O bc they are awkwardly cute.Olltii can go to YG and YG can make another non-idol like hip hop group for him.I feel like that kid would want to go mainstream and make big money.

Bald Mr.Worldwide said...

and if he can stay on the top3 a bit longer,imagine what kind of reaction San E will make because the kid is rivaling his judge on charts lol

rhiaresa said...

Thank you for translating this<3 He's song is no.1 on Melon and that's amazing. Good job Hanbin!

Bald Mr.Worldwide said...

do you have any screencap of that statistic?I just wanna save it and use it to hive five in the face of those who love to bring up fangirls as an excuse.
In fact,fanboy like me and casual listeners do exist.

katty said...

Bi <3

Sillage said...

Here you go:

Bald Mr.Worldwide said...

Thank you babe.

Sillage said...


Hanbin_BonBon said...

Im so happy seeing positive comments for my baby♥ Can't wait for Bobby slaying chart next week!

Amanda Rachel said...

Yup. He is not cocky. In fact he is a shy and silent type of boy. We can see through his action and facial expression.

Gabz said...

Mic check 1 2 my name is b.i part is so catchy

yooniehelmethair said...

The hook is catchy as f*ck..the lyrics T.T
Now I have rly high expectation for "Empty" the title song on winner album.
Bobby is next week..kyahhh >.<

Bald Mr.Worldwide said...

If he went to Tablo's team, his performance wouldnt be that mess because Tablo knows his strength and he is a much better mentor than YDG(like he checked their lyrics/gave them advice on the beats choice, stage outfits,stage set up etc).
Yea IRON is just a pure YDG fan but he does regret to join YDG team.

Lumiere said...

proud of him
not only he redeemed himself but he is also winning on the charts

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