Tablo's Movie Date with 100 Fans

Source: Xsportsnews via Naver


1. [+3444, -92]  I feel like Tablo would've gone through drastic measures during the Stanford controversy if it wasn't for Kang Hye Jung.  She didn't get angry about the situation but rather just stayed supporting him quietly by his side.  She's an incredible woman.

2. [+2819, -116]  Thinking about to this day, that Stanford controversy was really such a crazy thing.  The scariest part is that some people still don't accept it until this day...  Just like Galileo Galilei's "The earth keeps going around"...  we keep seeing comments going around from those people who still believe Tablo didn't graduate from Stanford..  

3. [+2560, -75]  Blo hyung, after going through such a tough time, I hope you continue to live happily~

4. [+2179, -73]  I like Tablo a lot ㅠㅠ  For as much as you've been through, I hope you become as happy now.

5. [+1128, -81]  Let's exercise..!! 

6. [+246, -22]  Tablo is a genius who graduated from Stanford.... He's really amazing... Even if you graduate from Seoul University, you can't get to Tablo's level.

7. [+194, -25]  Tablo~  I truly love you and the way you raise Haru is so amazing.  You're a great dad and a great artist.  Thank you for communicating with your fans once again after overcoming such a tough time.  We really love you. ♥


yooniehelmethair said...

Tablo, HyeJeong, and Haru are beautiful persons. Beautiful family. God bless you all^^

bitbig2 said...

so Tablo has get good public opinions again since SIB..
glad to see him in happy life...
happy good life for all YG Family!!! >.<

axxo said...

I remember the time when a lot of knetz are against him.. hmpf.. knetz r really sumthing...

ninikai said...

And here i thought people were already over the whole TJN issue. Guess people still can't accept he's a genius. But I'm glad he's doing really well now and Kang Hyejung deserves an applause for being a supportive wife.

YukiJames said...

Yet none are having sympathy for Bom's case which right now is just being filled with random rumors.

macy_12 said...

Tablo is a poet genius & his wife is an amazing woman he stood by his side the whole time & never doubted him or give him a hard time. the mess was insane & she stood her ground & was right next to him. that takes one hell of a person or woman. they're really awesome people for fearlessly standing tall throughout all the mess while raising Haru. such a beautiful family. I'm happy for them.

TY said...

So good to see Tablo like this!

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