Park Bom: Master of Leggings

Source: TV Report via Naver

Source: TV Report via Naver

1. [+138, -27]  Wow, has Park Bom's figure always been that pretty...?

2. [+136, -29]  I agree that she was way prettier before she got surgery but I don't understand people who constantly accuse her of getting more work done whenever her make-up is a bit heavier.  Is putting on make-up considered surgery? 

3. [+116, -24]  Seriously, their concept for Crush this year was strong so their make-up was also just as fierce.  Her face looks exactly the same as it was last year, why are people hating on her for this again?  People probably think she looks different because they've been away for a long time.  But as she was doing Double Park and Roommate, she didn't seem to have gotten any work done.  Anyway, the point is, her face is exactly the same from back in Double Park if you look at her bare face. Why do people always accuse her of getting work done whenever she puts on heavier makeup ㅋㅋ 

4. [+81, -22]  To be honest, all those bastards who accuse Bom of getting surgery when she's only wearing heavier makeup are just bastards who are jumping on the opportunity to hate on her since this scandal's blown up. 

5. [+82, -28]  Unnie, really... fighting... 

6. [+33, -6]  As expected, Bom is beautiful.  Bom-ah, come back safely~  no matter what anyone says, always remember that there are blackjacks here waiting for you.  Hwaiting and I love you.  

7. [+32, -6]  Bommie unnie is pretty.  Unnie, blackjacks will always have your back^^

8. [+39, -13]  Park Bom, I'll wait for you~  Stay strong and come back♥♥

9. [+37, -14]  Park Bom... Hwaiting Don't forget that your fans are right behind you^^

10. [+27, -7]  I wish Bom unnie would make a comeback soon.  I want to see you as soon as possible~

11. [+39, -19]  Her face seems sad.

12. [+23, -4]  No matter what anyone says, Bom's legs are really number one.. I miss you Bom-ah. 

13. [+23, -5]  Bom-noona~  I'm always supporting you♡♡♡

14. [+37, -19] Say as much as you want about Bom but please look at your face in the mirror and go earn money for yourself or something

15. [+15, -4]  Unnie, stand up straight with confidence and repay us through your songs

16. [+14, -4]  I always love you Bom-ah



commedesfuckdown said...

Seems like comments were written by blackjacks but its still so touching to feel that she has the support back at home. Dara, CL and Minzy are hinting about "the new beginning". I think girls wanna give it a try one last time. So, blackjack, its now or never. Support the girls ♥

commedesfuckdown said...

She lost a lot of weight. Her legs are skinnier than ever. The most beautiful legs in kpop, for sure!

RedOrchid said...

Thank you for these translations, we trull appreciate it!

soluizb said...

Why no spam 1001 different leggings *attached favourite

gzbitch said...

Even though the comments were prolly made by Blackjacks, it is still heartwarming to read. <3

Bella said...

Bom really is so beautiful!!

ykrunkg said...

The comments are so sweet ♡♡♡ Thank you K-BJs

I miss 2NE1 so much so I hope they'll be at the MAMA awards. CRUSH deserves a win and a performance!

K.R.I.S. said...

from now on I'll prefer reading in this site than in NB....no stress and drama!

ladyperona said...

1. [+138, -27]

You know what... +138 is good enough for me... I'm so glad at least KBJs didn't turn their backs on her. The last thing she needs is to be hated on.

Bald Mr.Worldwide said...

[+23, -5] Bom-noona~ I'm always supporting you♡♡♡
[+15, -4] Unnie, stand up straight with confidence and repay us through your songs♥
[+14, -4] I always love you Bom-ah♥


beautiful legs my bae.


sansa180194 said...

So happy to see these kinds of comments for Bom. <3

RWAN SAAD said...

Please make them attend MAMA, if Bigbang are going i'm going to flip tables

Bunny said...

She is beautful!!!!

koriko said...

They can never take away the glory that is Bom's legs. I wish YG would let Bom speak up eventually or something because she's truly innocent. What's shady is having this news revealed 4 years after its occurrence.

X2NE1x said...

Bom love supporting comments!

Glad to see them again<3

X2NE1x said...

OMG! I see you on YouTube! You are like an amazing BJ! Thank you so much for the efforts you do for us with the views XP

Cielty said...

Beautiful, beautiful comments!! I smiled while reading this. But, seriously, Bom really has beautiful legs. They're slim and looks long. They're shaped beautifully.

RedOrchid said...

HAHA OMG thank you! I'm really glad it's been helpful for the fandom. We have to do our best for 2NE1 for as long as we can. You totally made my night, thanks again! =D

Sue said...

Please elaborate on "new beginning" part.

Wendayyy said...

I MISSSH Bommie!! I miss all the girls!!

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