Mix & Match: B.I 'I just wanted to escape'

Source: Xsport News

Source: Xsportsnews via Naver

1. [+2204, -48]  Before he became a leader for one team, he's just a normal 19-year old boy.

2. [+1876, -50]  I really feel bad for B.I...

3. [+1633, -40]  All the work you're putting into everything right now will be worth it later

4. [+1485, -58]  B.I, you're already the best.  Don't work so hard on yourself... I felt emotional today again.

5. [+1401, -42]  I watched it yesterday and it was so sad..... he's only 19 ㅜㅜ

6. [+375, -7]  The farthest place he knows how to go to is Han River which is close to his company... Kim Han Bin, I pity him so much ㅠㅠ

7. [+364, -13]  B.I must be going through so much...  No but really, if Yang CEO is going to put in new members, at least put in members who have the will and skill to do it... YG is always talking about "skills, skills" but why is he like that to IKON?

8. [+351, -9]  For all the people who hated on B.I during SMTM... if you watch episode 3 of Mix and Match, I bet your words will change;  He's still just a 19 year old kid.

9. [+337, -6]  Yang CEO should pay B.I teaching fees!

10. [+317, -5]  From being on two survials, to making songs, and to making choreography... he must've been going through a lot... B.I, stay strong.



Nana said...

I feel bad for B.I

I'm also 19 and he really works hard!

And btw pls vote YunJunDong TAT

Ignis Invictus said...

I'm just glad that kNetz understand what B.I is going through. They're not passing unnecessary judgments on a kid who was given more than what even most adult can handle.

mona said...

Omg you're back !

Thank you for the trans ♥

And I just feel so proud of Kim Hanbin

-- said...

I am really proud of him. He handled so many things. I have so much respect. He is great leader. He is really amazing for 17 year old boy. He really works hard not for himself but for his TEAM.

"Before he became a leader for one team, he's just a normal 19-year old boy." T_T

Thank you for the trans. :)

Judyi said...

#7 understands my point of view and why I'm so angry with YG.
It's not like the new trainees are terrible. But I thought they would be ridiculously out of team B's league, and that's why they were chosen.
The more I see them the more I see how much they lack and how less they work.
What Yoyo and B.I. said in the third episode really broke my heart.
B.I. Is so frustrated seeing them not work harder than him, harder than his original members and knowing that one or more might replace them makes him feel angry and anxious. He might not say it, but you can feel it.
Yoyo feels it's unfair to B.I also, the remaining original half don't even look at the three as competition they look at B.I. Bobby, and Jihwan as competition. They know they can't even dream to be good if they don't put B.I. As their initial bar limit.
I don't want them to break up. I really dont 😫

sunflowerfields said...

I'm glad there is so much understanding for B.I, I just feel for him so much.... and how he came back he apologised to everyone... even if it was only a couple hours he went missing and all he did was go to the park and write lyrics... he is never able to be free from these burdens that YG keeps dumping on him like when is the boy gonna relax? I agree with #7 so much like WHAT THE ACTUAL F****!! And in my opinion, the fact YG is doing all this even after Team B performed Climax, just proves how much of a douche he is

Sillage said...

Lol even when he escapes hes doing work and then he worries about yoyo because him being like this might hurt his feeling because hes older then he comes back ...... with Icecream for the members.

Cielty said...

Everything he does will be reaped in the end. Do your best, sweetheart. And stay strong. He's going through so much. I imagine it's very overwhelming for him.

Wendy said...

This part :/

Higurashi said...

I have so much respect for him!

merp said...

Pssst he was 17 at the time, 19 in Korean age.

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