Doo Joon and Sandara Park characters for 'Fashion King' webtoon parody

Source: Ten Asia via Naver

(NOTE: Title seems a little confusing but this does NOT mean they will be in the movie or that they are filming/acting for anything.  It just means that the characters for the webtoon/online manhwa parody will be Doo Joon and Sandara Park.) 

Source: Ten Asia via Naver

1. [+158, -3]  Yoon Doo Joon really seems like a sports hottie...  but it's a trap as there's no guys like that around me... 

2. [+139, -3]  If it's sports, of course it's Yoon Doo Joon ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+119, -3]  The picture of Doo Joon in a soccer uniform with his hair up would match even more.  

4. [+88, -3]  I want to see Doo Joon~~  hurry and show us 

5. [+82, -11]  It'd be fun if these two shot a romantic comedy together.

6. [+51, -2]  ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ It's edited but it seriously matches perfectly ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

7. [+47, -5]  Sandara Park, hwaiting~!

8. [+25, -4]  ㅠㅠ Dara-ya, please film a drama or something! 

9. [+10, -1]  I wish they'd dress up Dara like that all the time...



TOP said...

lol the first time I saw this I really thought they will be on a movie or something like that T_____T

gzbitch said...

8. [+25, -4] ㅠㅠ Dara-ya, please film a drama or something!

Everyone's wish right now.

ykrunkg said...

YG just give Dara a drama already

koriko said...

So there won't be active participation from Dara and the guy? They'll just use their pics to form a webtoon?

Anyway, I doubt Dara will be acting anytime soon. I want it so bad for her but YG just doesn't even care anymore. Sometimes I want her out of the company, just to be somewhere that will guarantee her advancement in her career.

kimbab said...

[+51, -2] ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ It's edited but it seriously matches perfectly ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
dara is seriously... so shippable... lol

Cielty said...

I'm forever begging for a Dara acting project. Damn YG. TT.TT

sansa180194 said...


It's not like I actually took YG's world tour claim seriously but it still pisses me off that he can't give the girls any sort of starting point, because I don't know, they're four different individuals with various, different strengths. With different ways of showing that they're working to have something to do outside their once in a blue moon musical comebacks.

Like I'm personally this close to thinking that YG is secretly relieved that Bom's scandal happened so he'd have some sort of excuse to let them rot in the dungeon or pull a Gummy in the future.

So sorry had to rant under your comment lol but I just can't understand why he can't even help them give small starting points or something. It's not like we're all demanding Dara to land a lead-star level, prime time drama with a top actor or Minzy to have a full solo album with promotions as big as GD's whenever he puts out new music, for one.

koriko said...

I hear you. 2010-ish Dara had the promise of being the "it girl" in Korea with her leveling the charts with yoona and hara and maybe uee back then but YG didn't follow through. It's not that there wasn't any demand for her, there were just no thought of action in YG's part. I can imagine YG going like "oh hey you were so awkward in that family outing episode. No more variety shows for you then" when it shouldn't be that way. He's held back Dara from pursuing her own career. Everybody knows, even Dara herself knows that she can't have a solo career as a singer. Right from the start, he should have lead her to acting and hosting which she can very much thrive in. It's not just Dara he's mislead. All of them. It is in YG's power to create a base for 2NE1's solid career advancement but five years after, there's still not much progress to show for it. I mean I'm not downplaying their musical achievements but god forbid their album releases are few and far between. Like what's next for 2NE1 after their concert tour? Does he even intend to rouse 2NE1's rank in kpop after the scandal? Bom's scandal was handled so poorly. How did it even come to surface after all these years? Regardless of what these self-righteous netizens say, Bom wasn't proven guilty of anything. In all technicality, no crime was committed. Like who did YG piss for it to have been released? Was this scandal a coverup for something even bigger? idk. All these troubles could have been precluded if only the issue was addressed with care. /rant

Sorry for that too; my thoughts are bordering on incoherent but I have a lot of beef with YG too. It's sad how 2NE1 is being neglected when all members deserve so much better.

sansa180194 said...

It's both hilarious and depressing that YG tried to make GD act when guy has zero interest in it, while Dara has been taking acting lessons + trying to make connections but all she gets from YG is constant shade and nothing else. I don't even remember YG ever recognizing the contribution the girls made to the company tbh. Every time he does YG life posts he would a) snub 2NE1, b) throw shade and c) admit that he doesn't know what to do with them and imply that he doesn't really care (please, save me the fake ass "apology" he throws around whenever he has to talk about the group).

Like no one's demanding him to give a big chunk of his attention to 2NE1. Fans get it, there needs to be more focus on newer groups and all, but would it really kill him to be at least more open-minded with them?

As for Bom's case, I agree he could have handled it better. But then again seeing as how he doesn't give a shit about 2NE1, he's probably a bit relieved that it happened the way it did because now he wouldn't have to mind 2NE1 until someone from that group leaves on her own accord. Wouldn't really overlook this possibility since this is the same man who sabotaged his first girl group so he could marry one of its members.

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