YG Entertainment to launch cosmetic brand 'moonshot'

Source: OSEN via Naver

Source: OSEN via Naver

(T/N: Same-old hateful comments are hidden in spoilers.  You can read them if you'd like.)

1. [+136, -5]  Wow... they're really earning money through all sorts of ways, huh...

2. [+120, -38]  Yang Hyun Suk-ah, your goal is not to sell make-up.

Turn the druggie Park Bom in.
  Think clearly. 

3. [+84, -33]
YG is really shameless. Seungri, tsk tsk

4. [+61, -15]  You can be prosecuted for writing wrong comments.

5. [+70, -34]

Is the drug smuggler coming too???

6. [+28, -6]  What?  Then only fans will buy it.  If it's like this, the fans will get tired too.  Let's not get too far ahead.

7. [+38, -8]  In a way, YG is a step ahead of SM.  Whatever they do, it becomes successful anyway.  And on top of that they're above the law.... whether it's with drugs or a car accident.

8. [+25, -5]  Be careful of drinking and driving after the party!

9. [+27, -8]  Party?  Who's going to cause trouble this time?

10. [+17, -8]  Who's turn is it this time?????? 



nour samir said...

oh well

gzbitch said...

I expected those kind of comments anyway. Admin-nim!!! If it's not a bother, can you translate these too?

Thank you!

ykrunkg said...

As expected it's always the constant repetition of druggie and YG is shameless like they've got nothing else to say lmfao

macy_12 said...

lol haters gon hate. YG's expanding & doing great things, haters can sit & stare.

koriko said...

That's nice, YG, but please don't neglect WINNER and provide them opportunities as you would BIG BANG.

kimbab said...

im excited because i think cl and dara would be the models for this!!! maybe even yg's new gg

commedesfuckdown said...

He is doing everything but music lately. Seriously, if Winner is done, please rush with Epik High and Tablo.

Cielty said...

Seriously tired with these comments. *sigh

Meh said...

All they can do is cling on to Park Bom and Seungri how pathetic. I bet they still earn more than you

soluizb said...

Whatever that ups YG stocks tbh

Bella said...

What pissed me the most is..Bom and Seungri are not even bad people..they don't beat up people or harm anyone on purpose..what seungri did is a mistake,a careless or stupid mistake(that's the harshest one can call it)..he propably cause an accident & he's injured & still in hospital..is that something that should be hated this much??

K.R.I.S. said...

the comments and the translator in here is still better than NB >_< and YG still earning and rising his stocks so nevermind the hate ^_^

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