[Instiz] Idols with distinct T-zones

Big Bang TOP

Infinite Dongwoo

EXO Sehun

Distinct T-zone refers to a high nose-bridge, raised forehead, eyebrow bone and chin which makes the face appear smaller (mostly seen as attractive in guys).  There are also methods of cosmetic surgery focused on making the T-zone appear more three-dimensional and with more volume.

These are terms used in Korean physiognomy to assess a person's character by their outer appearances. 
Sambaekan is an eye type where the iris is a bit smaller and the whites of the eyes (either above or below) stand out more.
Sabaekan is when the whites of the eyes can be seen from all directions because of the small size of the iris causing the eyes to look extremely rounded as if the person is glaring. 
"Dohwa" eyes is the ideal eye type with make-up trends and methods rising in order to achieve it.  Celebrities with the typical "Dohwa" face include Suzy, Sulli, etc.  The eyes are moon-shaped and the inner corners end in a sharp V. 

Post: 'Idols with distinct T-zones'
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[1] "My heart fell right when I opened this post.  TOP's so good-looking."

[2] "Sambaekan is really cool...... it's so charming."

[3] "Sehun has a mysterious look to him... wow"

[4] "They have such high-bridged noses."

[5] "Common factor: They're all handsome"

[6] "Jealous of their raised eyebrow bones and sharp noses..."

[7] "I'm a girl but my T-zone is really distinct... that's why my nickname is "T-zone girl"... should've been born as a guy."

[8] "I've always heard people talking about the distinct T-zone feature in guys being attractive but I've only believed in it now after seeing this post."

[9] "Sehun looks like a foreigner in that last picture."

[10] "I heard all three of them look even better in person."

[11] "Choi Seunghyun is so handsome..... now all you have to do is make a come back."

[12] "Winner's Mino too...!"

[13] "I'm in awe whenever I see TOP... his beauty is daebak."

[14] "Sehun isn't even human"

[15] "I knew it'd be Dongwoo ㅋㅋㅋ"



엿먹어 said...

I can't keep up with Korean beauty standards. Small faces, V-lines, S-lines, 4:3:1?? ratios??

Kpopismylife2010 said...

TOP will always be the most handsome idol to me. Sorry not Sorry.

Mr. Kanji said...

http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-rM1Ml8ZYwAA/VItqnmqbxjI/AAAAAAAAEz0/DfVaCHD_oZ8/s1600/ㅌ1.gif TOP's stare ;____;

Mr. Kanji said...

Me either but ever since I got into k-pop I unknowingly look for these traits too... :(

princekyung said...

It's surprising that they even have specific words for certain eye types

엿먹어 said...

Used frequently in face reading (physiognomy) which is big in Korea.

merp said...

What are 4:3:1 and ratios-

엿먹어 said...

I couldn't remember the exact numbers lmfao but those ratios that Jinwoo ranked 2nd in among idols? I forget what they are haha

qwertyuiop said...

Golden ratio— if I'm not mistaken. Perfect ratios on face. Here's the post:


Ninni said...

[12] "Winner's Mino too...!"

Hallie said...

Off topic but can any Chinese tell me what narrow phoenix eyes look like? T.T
Some of Chinese novels I have read mentioned it but I can't imagine how it looks like...

Riririr said...

But what does the eyes type have anything to do with T-zone?

uhhhhhh said...

there's a description here, ctrl+f phoenix eyes


Bobby-KimJiwon said...

fucked up fashion. His face saved it

merp said...

I see, thank you! ^-^

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