Winner's Song Mino's interview with The Star Magazine

Winner's Song Mino has got everything.  He has been a rapper known for his skills since his underground days and with his slender height and chiseled face, he recently went up on a fashion runway.  He who carries a fairy-like charm met with The Star's December photo shoot venue and even showed off his skill with words.

You told us that when you're cool, you're completely cool and when you break down, you definitely break down.  When are you the coolest and when do you loosen up?
- I've to say that I'm the coolest when I'm on stage because during those times I have to focus on the music.  I'm loosened up the most when my members tell me to.  I joke around a lot.  I imitate a lot of people such as Tazza's Kim Hye Su, Kim Soo Mi, a carbonated drink, and Kara's Heo Youngji. 

You were known since your underground days.  What are the differences you've felt about going on stage underground in the past and being on stage after becoming an idol?  
- The underground stages I did felt very different since the venues were of a smaller scale.  I also felt more nervous back then.  I was still young, I didn't have as much experience, and I was performing right in front of people.  There'll still be a lot more opportunities for me to gain experience but I'm really glad to be standing on a much bigger stage. 

Your fan base must have gotten more diverse and have a changed disposition.  What's different from your fans now and your fans then?
- There are many people who have continued their support for me since then.  Those people leaned a lot more to hip-hop.  I think the public's ears have changed a lot since then as well.  Many hip-hop songs are taking over the charts right now, right?  I get surprised by those things.  There are also those people who take care of my health.  They make sure to give me a lot of vitamins.

You did an interview once where you mentioned that you like receiving attention from the public.  Dok2 shows off his swag a lot through his cars, shoes, gold and all these kinds of things.  What kind of swag do you show off to catch the public's attention?
- I also like showing off my swag especially through items.  I use fancy phone cases and things like that.  From small items that people can't recognize, I like the expensive ones.

Members take part in a variety of activities depending on their looks, strong individuality, modelling, and such.  Is there a field that you would like to challenge?
- I want to challenge myself with drawing.  I want to hold an exhibition in the future as well.  Even as I say this, I don't read a lot of comics.  I watch a lot of animations.  I got into drawing just for fun. I think even during class I was drawing instead of studying.  Back then, I just did it for my own amusement.  My hobby became drawing caricatures but now I'm trying to learn using paint such as in oil painting and I'm currently trying to better myself in it.

From the self-composed songs you've presented, you seem to have a knack for writing lyrics.
- Whenever a thought comes to mind, whatever situation I'm in, I always write a memo of it onto my phone since it can later be included as a keyword or a wordplay in a new song.  Keeping memos is something I do on an everyday basis.  Every song doesn't take the same amount of time to finish.  The lyrics come to me quickly if the topic I'm writing about matches well with my experiences. I haven't experienced it yet but I would say it would take a very long time for me to write a song that I would have to imagine (instead of coming from my own experiences).

A line from one of your lyrics that you felt you wrote very well?
- There's a song called "Go Up".  Those lyrics were honestly my whole sincerity.  It's something I wrote from our current situation then.  I had thoughts that I wanted to go up together even during our battle between us.  
"I don't dream and I don't sleep.  Use success as collateral and sell your youth.  The glass pieces in your shoes leave a red mark behind with every step, right?  Even if you separate friendship in half, affection remains.  Even as we step on each other, let's push each other forward and point straight up with 110 fingers, go up!

Source: Star News via Naver

1. [+5546, -321]  He seems to be the most talented in Winner.

2. [+4244, -191]  I became Song Mino's fan after watching his cuts on Weekly Idol ㅋㅋㅋ Song Mino, fighting

3. [+4049, -254]  His collaboration with IU at MAMA was honestly the best.  How is it that they look so good together? ㅎㅎ I bet it'd be amazing if they collaborate again in the future

4. [+3728, -224]  I really think Song Mino is very handsome.  I hope Winner comes out with a new song again.  He really seems to rap very well.  They're rookies but they're very popular... I really think he's the best!

5. [+3516, -149]  "If you saw me when you were 18 years old" (TN: Mino's lyrics from Born Hater)

6. [+590, -27]  I personally like Mino's rapping style very much.  He can be emotional when he has to be and when he has to be strong... he goes off extremely strong.  His music colour is very relaxing to listen to as well so I don't get tired of it easily no matter how many times I repeat it.  As for his sense with his lyrics, I don't have to say anything else... Song Mino's a really amazing rapper.

7. [+472, -23]  I think he has a really good personality... ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Like in Winner TV

8. [+466, -21]  Song Mino's ever changing expressions ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ So adorable ㅋㅋ

9. [+448, -24]  I don't usually like YG's style of idols but after watching Winner's stage, I strangely started to fall for them and began wanting to watch their other stages........ after that I just fell in love ㅋ

10. [+428, -20] It's charming how Song Mino's fierce image and his actual personality are so different ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Mino! 



hannaxxy said...

I want to see Mino's paintings.... ugh why does he have to be so perfect ;____;

Minah said...

Thank you for translating everything ^--^~

Mr. Kanji said...

1. [+5546, -321] He seems to be the most talented in Winner.

I love Mino but I think they're all very talented in their different ways.

Bored af said...

1. [+5546, -321] He seems to be the most talented in Winner.

I personally think that KSY, Mino & Taehyun are equally talented (Best at their role + ability to compose + other talents) and I admire Seunghoon's genius choreo as well as Jinwoo's supper hardwork.

I also don't really like this comment but I understand where they were coming from. Mino is currently arguably the most popular & arguably most likable member from WINNER (all WINNER members are super adorable tho but Mino somehow manages to steal the spotlight where ever he goes lol).

And he's popular for his talents + attractiveness + personality, not just merely popular for merely 1 thing. Honestly speaking, Mino is the most all-rounded member of WINNER who can:

- Rap & Beatbox the best outta all new YG boys. (He & Bobby are tight in term of rapping and performing but he def beats Bobby in terms of lyrics with very clever wordplays and metaphors and he got underground skills that can back him up anytime and his voice enables him to rap in various forms: fast, slow, hardcore or melody)

- Compose equally well as KSY & Taehyun (Mino composed/co-composed half the songs in the albums, wrote lyrics for 8/9 songs there, including Empty)

- Can dance well (not as good as Seunghoon of course but he looks sexy dancing and he feels the music well)

- Can actually sing (for a rapper). His voice is nice so he can harmonise with other vocalists well. MinoxIU perf's ending part is the proof.

- Can draw and design. His arts are actually good and approved by lots of people. Even Mina Kwon admitted she's inpired by Mino's abstract arts

- His bright/shameless/pabo Personality is the biggest charm of him. Very cool on stage yet super adorkable offstage. He's so friendly with everyone and everything. He leaves good impression on people, even who just know him. Plus he's kinda shippable with anyone & anything lol

- He's attractive. Not conventionally handsome nor flower boy type but you cant help noticing him. He's hawt and manly, which is a charm universally approved.

All these factors make Mino seem like the most all-rounded kid from WINNER. His popularity also comes in and he seems to be given a bit more spotlight than the rest. As a result, many people may consider Mino as the most talented member.

I hope Mino and WINNER would keep up this rookie mindset and happy-virus personality and continue to sharpen the skills to be loved more by people ^ ^


엿먹어 said...

Really happy with all the love he's getting but I'm also nervous... I hope he doesn't get into any 'scandals' or anything.

Bored af said...

Exactly my though, even a minor controversy can turn him from every Knet's fav into some sort of criminal. it's scary.

엿먹어 said...

With popularity comes those that want to bring you down. It's scary... Just praying for his career to be smooth-sailing from here on out.

Bored af said...

Looking at the amount of unnessary criticisms and hate towards Bobby now still scared me. The day before he was still everyone's favourite praised for his talent, stage presence and lovely personality; then day after he suddenly became the target of hate and being called all kinda names. Poor him :(

엿먹어 said...

Yeah it's scary how easy it is to defame someone in Korea and how vicious the K-netz can be... It's like they're just waiting for them to make a simple mistake and everyone joins the bandwagon of hate towards them... It's sick

sarra6h said...

my MINO is the most adorable kid EVER <3 i'm so glad he's getting so much love, he deserve it after all his struggles :) MINO fighting

guest said...

I imitate a lot of people such as........., a carbonated drink...................

Nippy ✈️ said...

Mino FTW! ; ) Such a cutie lol https://38.media.tumblr.com/0414412693d5029c66c4e2d73607b3d1/tumblr_ngf6ktbQSR1tk9czwo3_400.gif


엿먹어 said...

Is there a video link for the bottom gif? I haven't watched any of the MAMA backstage vids yet ahhhh

Jennelyn said...

He has a chance to have an art exhibit in the future esp yg let their artists do it as well like goo hye sun,,maybe who knows he can get advice from the yg actress as well,

Nippy ✈️ said...

Here it is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eo_VJzNi2Ss Enjoy! : )

Nippy ✈️ said...

TRue : ) https://38.media.tumblr.com/3cc094ad3b406b878f9dcde4f98903dc/tumblr_ng8awtvgoI1tump29o1_400.gif

LoveTabi said...

He's such a genuine person. I love him so so so much. The boy knows he's talented he said it himself "the only thing I'm confident in is my talent" but never has he been cocky. You know all the winner members are extremely talented in their own ways and just give it a bit more time but I'm sure they will all be shining equally because they're all meant to be stars.

haiosh said...

1. [+5546, -321] He seems to be the most talented in Winner.
I actually agree with this ... he can sing well, compose,dance, draw, write songs and he is great at beatboxing and rapping, also he has good variety show skill ..!
But of course the other members are talented too :)

abunnsky said...

Agree! ^^
*clap clap*


din0ma said...



Aneth Fernandes said...

can we please not get into this all "argument" of who is the most talented in WINNER?! INNER CIRCLE more than anyone should know how amazing and talented they're ALL ARE, every single one of them! plus they literally just debuted so let's chill a bit ;)

cheyanne said...

Mino is the type of person that is easy to approach..I like his personality more...

Michelle9Jaejoong4 said...

Hmmm it seems like yg is pushing him the most, I mean KSY and LSH already somewhat of public recognition. I guess mino is next to push forward to get more exposure.

abunnsky said...

I think so.. seungyoon and seunghoon already famous in korea because of superstar k and kpop star. So it is mino's time to shine.. and I hope next is jinwoo and taehyun ^^

Amanda Rachel said...

Mino is amazing. Yoon is amazing. Hoon is amazing. Namtae is amazing. Jinwoo is amazing. I LOVE W5 equally. These are what we always said to them #StayHumble #StayGold #SmileAgain #GoUp

guest said...

All thanks to born hater. Yg said mino is too hip hop, so Mino started it by himself by begging to epik high for ft.and it helped a lot. Hope yg will push Mino and other winner members in future.

nana said...

1. [+5,302, -307] He's the most talented in Winner

Well i dont know what to say, because im sure all winner members are talented with their own way, and im sure the other members will shine with their talent one day..

we just need to wait :)

S_B_I said...

im not Inner Circle but this sexy dork is my favourite Winner member.

guest said...

http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2cbvgm_eng-141211-hidden-story-winner-cut_creation it has eng sub #enjoy

titan-kun said...

Me exact sentiment lol i hope they wont fuck up in the future e/though Taehyun kind of did already.
i hope people will get pass the Bobby diss issue though.

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