Kang Hye Jung for "Educating Rita"

Source: OSEN via Naver

1. [+3284, -128]  She's pretty but more than that she has a charm to her... Gong Hyo Jin's like that too..

2. [+2565, -149]  She's Haru's mom but she doesn't look like she's a mother! ㅋㅋ Pretty~

3. [+2264, -128]  A woman with a beautiful brain....... is extremely charming.

4. [+1649, -115]  Noona, you're pretty ㅋㅋ I want to watch your play

5. [+1528, -85]  Gong Lovely is on this too ♥♥

6. [+165, -38]  Kang Hye Jung was seriously daebak back then.  Her past works were all big projects and turned out amazing.  She's a really great actress... but she took such a big break that she became one of those people I'd talk about with other people wondering when they'd come out again.  She's an acknowledged actress that gives happiness to people.  I hope she finds a way back to her position in her prime just like Tablo has ㅎㅎ Kang Hye Jung fighting!

7. [+137, -26]  Her face before she got it fixed was unique and charming... but now that a few years has gone by, her old face is coming back.  I heard there was a reason that she had to get it fixed so I don't know why she has to get backlash for that.  She was also upset with the way things turned out.  Let's just stop now.  She's living well... what did Kang Hye Jung ever do to you...

8. [+116, -21]  Kang Hye Jung always remains as that 'actress' from Old Boy

9. [+133, -39]  Got her teeth fixed for nothing... a regrettable case.  She could've starred in a few more big projects after that but....

10. [+98, -25]  Her face wasn't pretty to begin with but it was a unique face that suited her as an actress.  After she got her teeth fixed, that charming expression she once had changed... she somehow looks too thin. 

11. [+73, -12]  Really pretty... she's bursting with charms.  It doesn't look like she's a mom ㅎ I'll be anticipating you more~ fighting

12. [+83, -24]  I acknowledge that she's a really good actor



park sakura lopez said...

Kang Hye Jung is so pretty<3

Mr. Kanji said...

LOL, I haven't heard of this play but omg lool that's hilarious

Judyi said...

She's pretty tho.
Her characters are so diffrent from her real self most of the time. She's playful with Tablo and understanding with Haru she's caring towards Ikon and wishes they enjoy being kids. I think she's sad that all they can think about is survival and competition at such a young age, as a mother I think it's hard for her to see them struggle far away from their parents

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