Lee Sung Kyung and Nam Joo Hyuk win best fashion model of the year at the 2014 CFDK

Source: TV Report via Naver

1. [+2767, -275]  The guy and girl that YG's been media playing about lately

2. [+2118, -223]  Lee Sung Kyung's pretty but I don't know about her landing a lead role...

3. [+1299, -248]  Congrats Sung Kyung unnie.  Acting is great too but I hope to see you on runways more often.  I'll be supporting you as always

4. [+1020, -173]  I like them both as they're very charming

5. [+888, -185]  They really are the trend these days~!!!  Good looking guy and good looking girl ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

6. [+191, -28]  They shouldn't be given this year's fashion model awards.  They honestly haven't been on any memorable runway shows this past 2014 and they haven't gone on many shows as a fashion model.  They were too busy turning to acting before their modelling career dies out.  One snagged a lead role and the other got popular off of a cable variety show... so why are they given this year's fashion model award??  Do they just give it out just because they're from YG?

7. [+137, -22]  I like Lee Sung Kyung and she's very pretty but they media play about her way too much these days... ㅋ

8. [+128, -14]  Hey tall people, if you want to become a celebrity start off by becoming a model.  That's the shortcut nowadays

9. [+121, -15]  I can't seem to understand the fact that Lee Sung Kyung got a lead role for a weekend drama no matter how much I go about it.

10. [+95, -18]  Are you sure they attended fashion shows??  Did they really attend as much as the average model has this year?



myoonsong said...

Will you knetz even care if this models arent from YG? No. Yall basically being butthurt because they're from YG. Basically being butthurt of everything YG does. Seriously. And at the end of the day, deep inside of you, you know that this two models actually so popular. Way more than most rookie model-turned-actors. I mean seriously I dont even know who is more pathetic, you knetz who keeps on hating YG or I who frequently giving yall fucks. Ugh

park sakura lopez said...

they're still complaining that she got the leading role??? lmaooo


Mr. Kanji said...

I can understand some of the top comments point of views. Honestly, I didn't even know they were models until I searched them up. Saw them after watching a few dramas. Lee Sung Kyung literally just started her acting career this year and she already got a lead role... meanwhile other actors who have been in the field are still waiting for their chance. I can see how some people can view that as being unfair but it's not really Sung Kyung or Joo Hyuk's fault. That's just how the entertainment business goes...

Mushie said...

they've literally been on a billion magazine issues this year. as someone who wanted to follow their work i gave up because they have two to three spreads that come out in one day it was so hard to keep track. even their fansites have trouble keeping track. thats how much they're working in modeling so the comments are bullshit. if they keep up with fashion in Korea, they would literally see them everywhere so idk what they're talking about tbh

Kaila said...

Park Daebak is Daebak hahaha


The comments can be pressed for all I care. So saltyyyy

wat said...

I'm totally fine with people thinking they have it quite easy. But I don't like how they're downplaying them just because they're models. Cha Seung Won is a model-turnt-actor too. There are other models in YGkplus who've wanted to try acting for a realllly long time (such as Jang Ki Yong), but never had the chance to until now, thanks to YG merging with their model agency Kplus.

Amanda Rachel said...

B4 Sung Kyung started acting, she already has her fanclub. I always check her instagram & she sometimes update gifts from her fans & mentions her fans.

Amanda Rachel said...

The differences in comments started to show its faces. I still remember good & too much praises or comments from K-netz when Lee Sung Kyung acted in It's Okay, That's Love. Now??? I already expected this since SungKyung becoming more popular nowadays. #BeStrongYGKPlusModels Now the netz will attack u just bcuz u're from YG.

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