YG K-plus Model Lee Ha Eun to make her acting debut on upcoming KBS drama "Spy"

YG K-plus model Lee Ha Eun starred in Akdong Musician's music videos "Give Love" and "200%".  She will be making her acting debut with the role of Sun Woo's little sister.  Sun Woo will be played by Kim Jaejoong on the new upcoming KBS friday drama "Spy".

Source: Instiz

[1] "She looks like a girl version of TVXQ's Changmin"

[2] "Congrats!!!  So pretty"

[3] "Oh, so she was the lead girl in 200%... she was so pretty there."

[4] "She had a model vibe to her... didn't know she was actually a model.  She's really pretty."

[5] "I really like Lee Ha Eun ㅠㅠ Her pictures on Instagram are so pretty as well"

[6] "Woah... her visuals..."

[7] "She looks like KARA's Gyuri..."

[8] "Daebak... she was the girl in Akdong Musician's music videos?"



pamela said...


pamela said...


park sakura lopez said...

She's so pretty<33 I'm happy k-plus models are getting into the acting industry!!~

VIP_RockWithMe said...

So YG's bad blood with KBS is really with Music Bank and not the entirety of KBS, i guess it's a good thing

Leasseable Lee said...

PD's of MB hate BB particularly!!

_Π_ said...

why is that??

Fernanda_YGFamily said...

AKMU was my best discovery this year. I didn't follow K-pop Star, so i didn't knew much about them, but Play was sooooo good. Best rookie imo. I'm looking foward to their next album.

Fernanda_YGFamily said...

YG models are on a roll this year. Great exposure. Congrats!

Aaa8897 said...

woaa she's so pretty:(

Kaila said...

Yay can't wait for this guy!!!


Orchardrose said...

Tablo is in Superman is back and yg artist usually go on yoo huiyeol's sketchbook every time they're promoting.
Also entertainment weekly has a lot of interviews with bigbang.

lovelylu said...

"She will be making her acting debut with the role of Sun Woo's little sister. Sun Woo will be played by Kim Jaejoong"

she's so luckily it's her acting debut and she is acting as jaejoong sister ;A;

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