[Instiz] Why did Yang Hongseok get hate?

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[1] "The biggest victim of evil editing"

[2] "I honestly agree to this.  I like him too."

[3] "But I'm at least comforted by the fact that many people got to know Yang Hongseok through the show."

[4] "Who is he?  Why did he get hate?  He looks cute."

[5] "I don't think there was anything we could do in that situation...... you worked hard Hongseok."

[6] "In the beginning I hated on him and asked what he was there for but now that I think about it... I was such a fool... anyone could tell it was evil editing..."

[7] "It was also because of some posts and comments... and whether it was the editing or how he really was... he got hate because he seemed as if he wasn't practicing enough... it's too bad."

[8] "They only showed the cuts of him being ill-treated and what's worse is if you add up all of his parts it's only about a few minutes.  If it's 50 minutes per episode and if there are 10 episodes with nine people... then doesn't that mean he only got at least an hour of screen time for the whole show? ㅠㅠㅠㅠ"

[9] "At that time I just hated all of them ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I hated the fact that they had to add another member through a survival process and I didn't like Yang Hyun Suk either."

[10] "It's basically Yang CEO's fault."

[11] "I actually liked him a lot... I even forced my friends to vote for him but..."

[12] "I started to like him after I noticed how they were editing him in the show... I hope he debuts soon.  He sings pretty well."

[13] "I found out how kind he is after the posts about him online... Wish I could punch whoever edited him to be the way he was on that show."

[14] "I think all the three new members at that time didn't really get a favourable response... but I hope they all do well with whatever they're doing now!



Aced21 said...

He got hate because the OT6 already got a handful on the other 2 recruits, and wanted them to stick together and blah blah blah. It was also because of his initial impression, but people never got over that.... and he didn't 'fit in' (what a stupid excuse really...). Evil editing is one thing but i think it was mainly because of the OT6 + Chanwoo shiet.

하핳 said...

Honestly!!!!! The unnecessary hate he got frustrates me so much!!!! Does anyone else remember this???? The comments about him during Mix and match was insane smfh

1. [+3958, -345] Can we please get rid of Yang Hong Seok

7. [+1021, -42] Yang Hong Seok is only surviving because of B.I

8. [+964, -34] Yang Hong Seok got lucky that he was put in a good team. Truthfully speaking, he doesn't fit in

Guest said...

omg..where is this from??

하핳 said...


Aced21 said...

This was basically when Hongseok was introduced into M&M. THey hated him so much, unnecessarily...

ine said...

i feel like its a pity thing due to him crying in the last episode, which is common in reality tv shows.

Gojune said...

funny how these people regret too late /bitter laughs/

Haha said...

I think it was on pann his brother and friends uploaded pics of him and talked about how much he loved singing and how nice he was. Turns out everything from the post was true (he was nice, passionate about singing, friendly, hardworking, etc)

princekyung said...

ohh was it the one posted on here?? I read that too before watching M&M :(

commedesfuckdown said...

I didnt follow M&M (my heart couldnt handle another survival) but I saw some short clips and precjews and performances. I wasnt aware of his negative "impression" to iKon fans at all, but he became my favorite the moment he rolled his eyes at BI in one of previews. I was like...this boy got the swag, me likey haha. BI does have an intimidating aura, esp when he puts on his leader mask. Hope Hongseok is training well, even if he wont debut under YG in the future, YGE offers one of the best trainings in Korea, so it would be a valuable experience for him. Be happy and successfull wherever you end up, Hongseok-ah!

squalay said...

[11] "I actually liked him a lot... I even forced my friends to vote for him but..."

this is so me lol I even ask all my nonkpop fans to vote for him :(((

pamela said...

hahhaha but they have Chanwoo now :)

Gojune said...

lol me too

Nana said...

Let me be honest here.... when they show the episode where hongseok become a trainee, i was like what the hell he is doing? And bla bla bla..... but after watching him singing, and him crying too he's just a sweet heart. After the show ended i just feel really sorry to hongseok and his family bcs of this evil editing..

Im now feel really bad that im hating on him when he's just a boy with a sweet heart that got hate bcs of editing....

Hongseokah lets debut :)

Kaila said...

Ah Hong :-( Seriously, I like him the most among the 3. If he's to be in ikon, I think I'll finally have a bias. His voice is the type of voice that I personally like and he's so adorable. :((

Hallie said...


Our precious Jinhyeong TT


Nova_REMIX said...

I'm still not that much of a fan of him, but he or Jin Hyeong were way better choices for iKon than Chan Woo...

Avinnn said...

yo I could write a whole essay about how unfairly treated he was and how much he so deserves to be in iKon. like honestly I really liked him from the start. he was cute and when he sang that song, his voice was really good.

it's just so unfortunate that because they never showed him getting along with everyone else and improving (his dancing and vocals), everyone just assumed that he's talentless and dead weight.

like the more I think about it, the more frustrated I get because he honestly deserves so much more than shit editing.

and don't even get me started on the idea that he's not "YG style". like okay Daesung, Jinwoo, and Taehyun aren't "YG style" but look where they're at now. sure he stands out but like I've said before, in a group of 7 members, you have to stand out in order to make a name for yourself.

and people kept talking shit that he wasn't fitting in like chanwoo but let's be real, if you were suddenly thrown into a survival show and it's every member for themselves, you'd have a damn hard time trying to make friends. not to mention that that group has been together for years and is very tight knit. he's been there for only a few months, you can't expect him to be best friends with everyone else just like that.

and I think that the biggest thing I'm bitter about is that it's mostly the same people that bashed him then and is now supporting him. like that's awesome that he's getting love now but where were you guys when he was getting shit on in the beginning? if you dislike the current line up so much, why didn't you vote for Hongseok then?

sorry I'm so bitter about this. I just care a lot for the underdogs.

myoonsong said...

YG fault? I dont know if he's in charge of editing Mnet's show.

park sakura lopez said...

EXACTLY! the fans were the ones acting on it so take responsibility for your actions and stop blaming others.

Kidari said...

I will think of it like this.
1) The way he was introduced to the show .
When the two new members were already in and YG asked Team B to take care of them and tell them to listen to their seniors. For Hongseok , it was like a treat , YG said to the members you were like that in Win and remember you didn't win , I am going to make you nervous and he put Hongseok. So basically the boys have already had a picnic with the other two to get closer to them and as human being if we are in their shoes it's hard to take . Like we see in the episode he didn't have a welcome party as it was harder for them to open up their heart to him. ( The comments from the members didn't help his image standing among the fans so the hate started and didn't try to put themselves in the shoes of the newbie )- He doesn't even sing that well comment started..

2) He said he wasn't into Hip Hop and didn't dance since middle school. So they started to give the Not YG style etiquete which last till the end. Such comments why are you even here started to flow which amplify the hate comments.

3) He was very direct and older so when Hanbin scold him and he rolled his eyes .Fans get mad about him and think about him being disrespecful and lazy. So the hate continue on. There were no scene showing him working hard or staying late so the assumptions just go up

4)While i found his "I want You" rendition very well done for a newbie , he get a "You are not YG" style from the CEO himself which didn't help at all.

5) Most of the scenes that had about him was the clash with BI, Lee Hi frustrated over working with them. So people just keep assuming that he didn't fit and didn't get along, doesn't deserve a spot.

6) Episode 6 was the fuse of the hate when they realise that one of the original member could loose and while he was new to Hip hop , they find his performance in Let it go akward and wanted him to be eliminated since he wasn't loved and not a good fit according to them.

7) The name of the Show let's MIx and match and what YG said in the beginning made people eliminated him as He doesn't match according to them

8) Conclusion: They failed to evaluate with fairness and look objectively and put themselves in the shoes of the guys. I still think as of now that Hongseok was the One whom IKON needs.

Apple said...

IKR! I even encouraged my friends to vote for him but... it's already unfair from the start tbh. He didn't show up until ep. 3. By then, because the other two came earlier than HS, they've already bonded with OT6. HS was added later on, but the airtime he got didn't do him justice. Hell, even in 1 episode (I forgot which one) he didn't say a word at all! How is this fair :(
In M&M dvd there are a lot of scenes showing the real HS. He tried to get close to the members, he finally bonded with them, we get to see his cuteness etc. Why didn't these appear in M&M broadcast? The broadcast only showed bits of him and most of it were him being scolded by the others coz he wasn't seen practicing. Poor him....

Apple said...


the squad said...

story of my life- the squad #hongseokprotectionsquad lyfe. I used all the cellphones in my house and asked my friends who didn't even watch mix and match and even made a twitter account to help trend. I got so emotionally invested that it upset me about the whole m & m's bias editing and bandwagon haters fandom and ikon in general... i disliked the obvious bias in editing but also the people who didn't notice how he only got like 5 mins of screentime yet judged him so harshly. As a kpop newbie it made me have a bad aftertaste of being "yg fam" - ("he doesn't fit in" - "he doesn't have the swag") yet they admit he was a talented singer. (I need time before i get over it and check out ikon)

siraulzzang said...

[10] "It's basically Yang CEO's fault."

WTF. HAHAHAHAHA!!! That is not fair to papa YG.. he has better things to do than deal with editors. HAHAHA!

truthtea said...

The Youtube comments and facebook comments weren't pretty either - heck in a Youtube comment- there was a post with 800 upvotes that was such an insult on hong seok (i think it was hong seok is trash or it seemed like a death threat) that it encouraged me to watch the show and find out who this guy was and why everyone hated him- instead of joining the hate crew though i found fancams showing his real personality and fan accounts about how he left yg studio at 4am... and i tried to encourage people to do the research before judging but some people have no sense. The ikon fandom is too crazy for me...some think Bobby is the next Tupac and above other rappers... and with the OT6 crew who gave so much hate on the trainees, i can see this fandom is heading in a direction that i'll rather not. YG created this mess with having 2 survival shows, even though it gained popularity- it created inner fandom wars and die-hard crazy fans.

(I feel bad for hongseok because he is a talented singer who always wanted to be a singer in his childhood, yet he is 21 in yg's basement running out of time while a 16 year old who needed the most vocal training out of the 3 took the spot because he had more positive airtime and played the child version from heirs and even jin could have won but those bullying rumors by knetz messed him up... but i'm more mad at mnet because jin's bullying rumors couldn't be helped but the editing was done on purpose when it should have been unbias for voters.

pretty much this is why the results are they way they are :
hongseok - bad mnet editing/less airtime = doesn't fit! evil!
chanwoo - good mnet editing = cute, safe, gets along with OT6!
jin - bullying rumors/less airtime = bad personality! don't cause scandals to OT6!
(which is why people are still bitter about the results)

merp said...

Truthfully speaking, I didn't care which one of the newbies would get in as long as 6B stayed together so I ended up voting for all three of them (+Donghyuk because I noticed a lot of people started to say how he doesn't improve etc etc).

lala said...

He lost M&M but there were many articles about him such as honey butter chips, photos leaked, his school, etc.
I think this person is very lovable. If not why there were many articles about him written by his fans on korean sites with many upvoted. Also his international fans organized an event (or more?) and after that they flied to south korea for him.

탱팬아님!!! said...

Only when the show ended did i realize how much i liked him :(

탱팬아님!!! said...

HS is good but he didnt rly fit in iKon. Im sr i like him too but its true. iKON pretty much has enough talents, they dont rly need new one tbh. Rather than choosing a member with decent voice (but def cant stand out if u put HS tgt with Junhoe n Jinwan), they'd rather choose a member who looks the most natural n could blend in the most n fastest (since the debut is near n they cant afford to wait 1 more year for HS to blend himself in..) and chanwoo happens to fit in...
The point of the show also isnt to find a new face/new diamond for iKON, the show is jst to bring the group to public n gather attention/fans... if HS is truly talented, chance will come to him one day. I hope ppl would stop bashing Chanwoo, he worked hard too...

Riririr said...

Seungri auditioned by dancing, Seungri was even once Team Leader of dancing in Bigbang documentary. So Seungri can help alot in dancing department.
Chanwoo is just an actor, he had nothing to do with singing or dancing.

Lumiere said...

i still can't believe Yg let the ones who had the talent and the looks go...and in favor of what?!

Adelia said...

[10] "It's basically Yang CEO's fault."

uhhmmm yeah everything is Yang sajangnim fault. it's free blame anything to him. So i will blame him for having alien calendar not human calendar.

jisoup. said...

i just miss seeing him sobs.
whenever i see updates about him wearing his cookie monster hat and looking for honey butter chips, i just sort of sigh a little.

Tete said...

Yang Hongseok probably saw the nasty comments made by fans, those malefisok edits and images. That's how he knew he was coming last in fan meets. He is incredible thick skinned, which is good.

Tete said...

I'm pretty sure YG would have watched the episode before allowing Mnet to actually broadcast IT

guest said...

"They only showed the cuts of him being ill-treated and what's worse is if you add up all of his parts it's only about a few minutes. If it's 50 minutes per episode and if there are 10 episodes with nine people... then doesn't that mean he only got at least an hour of screen time for the whole show? ㅠㅠㅠㅠ"

iamneil29 said...

I wish he'll debut soon. #JusticeforHongseok

Judyi said...

Comment 9 were my thoughts exactly.
I hated everything about the three just for the simple reason that they could of been a potential threat to my OT6.
I felt bad at the end because I started to like every single kid.
My heart was set on the golden three plus Yoyo, Junhoe, and Donghyuk.
I'm sorry, I'm really sorry to the other three😥

dong young jin said...

i feel pity to hongseok because ikon member and also yg abandoned him

i'm justice said...

he was supposed to jyp not yg ----) I THOUGH

Avinnn said...

lollllll are you kidding me, the whole point of M&M was to increase iKon's vocal talent by adding better vocalists. that's one of the reasons why they failed WIN, because they had weak vocals.

and ofc Hongseok isn't going to blend in right away. it's a survival show with every member for themselves. he came late to the show and not to mention that OT6 is pretty tight knit so newcomers would have a hard time blending in. give him a break honestly, you've only just seen what the editing wants you to see, not what really happened.

chanwoo can't even bring anything new into iKon. his visual is meh, his vocals aren't anything grand, and his dancing is mediocre at best. sure he's an actor, but he's a child actor so we can't even judge his acting skills just yet. and i doubt that he's going to be landing lead roles soon.

the only good thing about chanwoo that M&M's showed us is that he's an obedient and nice maknae.

that's great and all but being nice isn't going to help your group become more talented.

xxxilamy said...

Hongseok T^T I miss you so bad

탱팬아님!!! said...

At least chanwoo manages to blend in the MOST. Jst to remind u, he didnt train much longer than HS either ( HS was even a JYP trainee back then too, along with Donghyuk. He isnt completely a noob). In such a short time but Chanwoo improved the most among the three both in dancing n singing (HS sings well but 1. his voice doesnt blend with IKON's main vocal, we can see it too clearly in E,N,L cover. 2. His singing isnt YG style, and singing style is something you could change in months. If just in such a short time, he could improve that much then jst imagine how much will he improve later? They havent debuted n CW hasnt had any chance to show himself YET everyone is attacking jst because their fave didnt get in the group??
I dont expect HS fans to be happy with this result (cus if i was them, i wouldnt too). But in every way, CW seems to be the best choice (u admit it too, HS couldnt blend in). If u guys were that pissed, may be you should have voted harder. Not everyone voted for CW jst because he is cute n nice ok? Like me, I couldnt care less abt who gets in the group as long as my Double B get to debut tbh... and I like HS the most out of three but i didnt think he would fit iKON so I still voted for CW because imo he deserved it. And no matter what, there is nothing we could do to change. What is the point of dissing CW now?
Who knows, those ppl who bash CW now may become his fans later, jst wait n see

Bobby-KimJiWon said...

Since when did Chanwoo improved his singing? Like can you link me his performance which he sounded good for once in MxM cuz I watched all the ep but I don't see it. No dissing but speaking the truth. And I was rooting for both Jinhyeong and Hongseok cuz both got something for iKON. And I don't get why you think Hongseok didn't blend in. It's like you buy the Mnet Editing Way. Everyone was pointing it put but you still stuck in it. Hongseok blends in just as much as the other two. Chanwoo on the other hand, blends in but weak in every category; Dancing, JY is better. Singing, Both HS and JY are better but oh well YG plays favorites. We all know that. About the voting; Can't be help cuz he's B.I's cute maknae and fits right in the delusion of OT6 stans who are a lot bigger in size compare to HS and JY. So the outcome is predicted no matter how hard we voted for them. I said bye in my comment cuz OT6 fans wouldn't let me alive. Been getting such replies everytime I open my mouth and criticize them. I'm not surprised.

Avinnn said...

It's not always a good thing to blend in. If you blend in too much, you get overshadowed by everyone else. That's what happened to Chanwoo. His talent is ok compared to the rest of the group so he ends up looking like the background. In a group of 7 members, you have to make a name for yourself. It isn't all about blending in.

Chanwoo's singing was mediocre at best. Like honestly his vocals are pretty unstable. And as far as I know, Hongseok did pretty well in that ENL cover with Junhoe and Donghyuk. And wow I could say the same thing to you about Hongseok and Chanwoo.

Hongseok can improve his voice in months. He's not YG style either but that doesn't really matter at this point.

Chanwoo hasn't had any chance to show himself? He's the one that gets the most fucking screen time out of the three trainees. He even got a segment for himself where they played a joke on him for being too nice.

Hongseok probably has 10 minutes of screen time per episode, and I'm overestimating this. Hell I heard that he didn't even say a word in one episode.

And yeah I'm pissed about this and I voted pretty fucking hard for Hongseok.

I really disagree with you about Chanwoo deserving to be in iKon. Like I'm actually mulling it over and I can't think of any other reason why he deserves to be in it other than the fact that he fucking blends in. Like okay good for him that he blends in but it's people like you that don't give Hongseok a chance just because he doesn't fit in.

Honestly like imagine the stress and how intense it was for Hongseok to come in and try to befriend these eight fucking guys who are already quite friendly with each other. Not to mention that this is a survival show with every member for themselves.

It'll be pretty fucking hard to make friends there. And what's more, he was only there for what? Two to three months? Maybe if there was more time, he'd probably get even closer to the other guys and be closer friends. AND FURTHERMORE, you don't know shit that he doesn't blend in. Only because the editing makes it look like OT6 disliked him but if you look at all the fanaccounts and behind the scenes cuts, he was friendly with all the guys. He probably had more screen time in the M&M BTS DVD than the entire fucking show itself.

I'm not angry simply because Hongseok didn't pass, I'm angry because of the injustice that surrounded him and the fact that someone undeserving of it, took his place.

Avinnn said...

THANK YOU fuck like I don't understand why people still think Chanwoo's deserving of his position. The other two are honestly more talented than him in every fucking aspect but just because Chanwoo's nice and cute and OT6 fucking loves him, he gets put into iKon.

Like I've watched Chanwoo's first time singing in M&M and his singing in the last episode and I see no fucking difference.

Yet over here, Hongseok continues to improve not only his singing, but his dancing as well.

where's the justice for JinSeok?

탱팬아님!!! said...

they said it themselves, go watch M&M ok? u dont practice with them how do u know he doesnt improve jst by those short lines he has on their songs??
HS def doesnt blend in. His singing style is not YG style n he sounds so different when they sing tgt (Eyes, Nose, Lips)
YG didnt play favorites, its the audience that chose CW (audiences vote counts for 70%). And even if YG did play favorites in their way of editing, they r the one doing business, they know what to do better than u. Stop questioning business people doing their jobs. If they didnt air such survival shows like M&M n jst chose randomly from their trainees, i doubt people would have things to say. They did give u a chance to choose for them, but you failed to make ur fave into the group. Its your fault so stop complaining zzz

Bobby-KimJiWon said...


Bobby-KimJiWon said...

Ppl don't us to get bitter when our favs treated unfairly.... they want us to happy and believe them when they say he is improved... like we don't have eyes and ears to judge ourselves... and They want us to believe YG gave chances for HS... when in reality it was just a game and preplan that YG set up way before MxM airs... like Chanwoo gets positive view since the first minute he's on the show... the way Mnet edited to make him and Team B are the only ppl get along sans JY and HS out. It was YG's plan since the beginning. It went like this Team B + Chanwoo. they even have the camera footage when they performed in YG tour. None of the TeamB members would get dropped out. They all knew it themselves and even played along to it.. what YG wanted was to get Chanwoo in Team B positve side and it all went down like this... the left went to Team B fans and they did the work as expected.

Hipployta said...

Eh...I'm not here for people blaming editing. You like who you like and thus underdog championing after the fact is a bit annoying.

Personally I voted for OT6+Jinhyeong, just like YG, and he could have made it if not for the international campaign for Hongseok who had no chance. I understand they liked Hongseok but he arrived last and lacking the self motivation and drive YG requires to survive. When I watched his DVD interviews I was like, "Wow...he really never stood a chance."

People complain about evil edit but I'm sorry he, and Jinhyeong sadly, didn't really have enough screen time for that. MNet is about interesting events for ratings and if he didn't have any of course he got cut. He himself was sorry for resisting Hanbin's directives to train and wished he tried harder.

I feel like Hanbin got the most hate from international fans anyway.

The comments about YG style are valid because Daesung and Taeyang, all of then, are able to fit Big Bang's style for group work and their own for solo. No matter the song Hongseok stood out awkwardly

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