[Instiz] Unique characteristics of idol groups showcased in their logos

Red Velvet






Girls Day













Source: Instiz

[1] "Winner's logo looks like it's for a high-end brand.  Same goes for their fandom name and logo.  YG did a great job."

[2] "B2ST's Korean version of their logo is so pretty."

[3] "The people who made their logos are amazing..."

[4] "I personally love their logo, I mean, look"

[5] "Lovelyz' logo is also really nice."

[6] "There's a new logo for SNSD after Mr.Mr"

[7] "I love how simple Winner's and EXO's logos are."

[8] "VIXX!"

[9] "I love EXO's, Infinite's, Winner's, and EXID's."

[10] "I love all of the logos!  But even if you're not a fan, Infinite's logo is really nice and interesting..."



damn said...

The toilet paper looked expensive af with winner's logo..

notamonster said...

Intentional or not, I thought this was very smart

commedesfuckdown said...

The entire S/S album concept was just so classy annd high end.

princekyung said...

I love EXO Infinite Winner and 2NE1's logos the best.

HyunniePrincess said...

SHINee is Arial size 48 tho.

hannaxxy said...

I thought B2ST's logo was "Bae Good Luck" turns out it's in Korean... No wonder cus I cant read Korean LOL


inloveandwar said...

Winner should just come out with a clothing line under their Name!! It be supper awesome!!

Aaa8897 said...

wow exid's logo is creative

namooosah . said...

It looks like ancient script

caine said...

oooh i like exid's

Apple said...

I love B2ST's!!

rens said...

Winner's logo is classy. i love it so much! other than that.. exo's and exid's logo are pretty~~

merp said...

My personal favorites are INFINITE's, EXO's, WINNER's and Red Velvet's (I guess Lovelyz too since the style of it is similar to Red Velvet's)

Nakashima Miharu said...

WINNER have the simplest yet powerful logo. The logo represent their brand their group.

Cleosmil3 said...

I love that album, had it on repeat for days

bigfanz said...

love winner logo

princess ariel said...

'winner, powered by inner circle' i love how they include inner circle in it

vee vee said...

Winner bigbang infinite and 2ne1 logos are my favourite ones!!

Fernanda_YGFamily said...

The logos are pretty cool. I like most of them.

psychopathetic said...

I like the branding of Winner's and Exo's. I wish they would expand on 2ne1's though, there's lots of room for experiments.

aeiouxx said...

So creative! Infinite's logos are beautiful. Winner is just "W" yet look so classy. I love exid's logo too.
I wonder what ikon's logo would look like.

clumsy said...

Loving the logos of winner and exo simple yet classy

Coffee said...

i like their concert logos! their album ones are nice too. i don't really think they have a logo that they use all the time... i wish they did, though ^^


constance said...

My favorite logos are INFINITE. The evolution of the infinite symbol from debut is really cool and shows their growth :) :)

Yellow said...

I'm at awe with that EXID logo. Genius.

ygBIATCH said...

bigbang's, 2ne1's, winner's & infinite's are the best for me tbvh

jules said...

omg i only realized now that the shapes were highlighted. that was genius!

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