Jang Hyun Sung on 'Heard It Through The Grapevine'

Source: TV Report via Naver, 2015.02.23

1. [+632, -5]  First time seeing Jang Hyun Sung not acting as a rich man ㅋ

2. [+299, -21]  Hmm... Lee Joon's acting is exceptional but... the drama is a bit...

3. [+235, -9]  Putting my faith on Lee Joon and Yoo Joon Sang for this drama

4. [+217, -4]  I feel a sense of warmth towards Jang Hyun Sung's character

5. [+212, -11]  Is this drama good???

6. [+111, -4]  He would fit the character of the rich dad too if they switched

7. [+71, -4]  I think the dads of both families would match better if the actors switched... Jang Hyun Sung will do well with any character but Yoo Joon Sang's scene seemed so awkward.

8. [+39, -2]  What's the point of making the brightness so dark?!

9. [+32, -2]  This is the drama to watch on Mondays and Tuesdays!!!  It's so good

10. [+19, -3]  Seems like it'll be better for the two families' dads to switch. 



LovelyLeo13 said...

I like this drama so far the humor is a little strange but it suits me

princekyung said...

I forgot he was under YG Entertainment! YG's getting so big I can't keep track of the artists/actors/models under it anymore

hannaxxy said...

Is the drama heavy? Or more like a lightweight rom-com??

sup said...

Jang Hyun Sung is so funny and chill irl so I was surprised when I heard he has always played villains or rich men... Return of Superman opened up a new image for him haha. I miss Jang brothers...

Anastasia Berry said...

It is somewhat heavy and is considered a dark comedy, it hits on teen pregnancy, so you can imagine how uncomfortable this sort of drama can be for most Koreans. But I like it and Lee Joon is doing a wonderful job so far.

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