[Instiz] Unique habits idols do with their hands

Source: Instiz
(A bit off-topic but amusing, also omitting comments as most just say 'ㅋㅋㅋ')

1. Chicken Hands - iKON Goo Junhoe, EXO Xiumin

2. The "Caution to those around them" - Kai, Yoon Doo Joon
"There's always that one person around us... but generally they stop if you tell them to...
yet these two?"



3. "Hiding behind hair" - Son Naeun

When smiling,

When shy,

4. The "menboong" - Kim Sunggyu

5. The "Adam's Apple" touch - JB


6. The "I don't know what that's supposed to be" hand pose - Nam Woohyun

7. The both-hands synchronization - Xiumin

His hand unconsciously follows what his other hand is doing.jpg

8. The "Miss Korea" - Youngjae

9. Lip rubbing - Ken

10. Uses his fist as head support - Kyuhyun

Even while standing

11. The "respirator" - Suzy

12. The refining treatment - Yook Sungjae

13. Uses his fists to fix his hair - Kim Junsu

14. "The pants grab" - Junho 

15. The mehrong eyes - Junjin



엿먹어 said...

Omg Xiumin's hands LOL I never noticed that hahahahhahhahah

Mr. Kanji said...

I have a friend who does the same thing as Suzy, it's so cute. They're all so adorable ;;;

MINO's PEARL!✨ said...

OMG Doojoon and Kai~ Hahaha this post is just… Hahaha Woohyun is weird too. Hahaha

princekyung said...

doojoon literally followed him across the room im dying lmao

justjuliet said...

Xiumin's hand synchronisation habit is actually a nervous system defect; it also makes learning the piano really hard. Interesting that he's one of their top dancers.

And i do so many of these, especially the hide behind my hair and respirator lol

princekyung said...

I tried learning the piano before but it's so difficult for my hands to go at different paces D:

chocolatemilk said...

Aww naeun's habit is so cute

justjuliet said...

Learning the piano gives me a headache after 10 minutes, can't imagine how frustrating it is omg

bitterblue said...

For Dujun he even got a warning from his members parent to stop hitting their son lmao

Coffee said...

krystal too, i think!

Jichangwookboo said...

lol junhoe xD

Iamwoonique said...


xNalix said...

And no Seungho's lips?




commedesfuckdown said...

GD does that shy hand gesture all the time and thats so freaking cute

Lily said...

Actually I have hand synchronization kind of habit too but piano playing helps to improve it a lot! It's difficult only in the begining then you get used to it)) though it's hard to play pieces in which hands play with different tempos, but again it's just a matter of time ;)

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