PSY to make an appearance on Chinese variety show 'Happy Camp'

Source: TV Report via Naver

1. [+398, -90]  Kim Jang Hoon must be fuming... looks like he'll have another panic attack!!

2. [+289, -24]  Gangnam Style was the best thing to happen to PSY...

3. [+267, -38]  Kim Jang Hoon has logged into his SNS account.

4. [+179, -25]  Is this the start of PSY's Chinese promotions?  Hope things go well!  I support you!

5. [+129, -19]  It's nice to see him working hard... we're cheering you on!

6. [+43, -5]  This is his reply to those people who keep asking him whether or not he's going to promote in the U.S........ There's more money in China

7. [+39, -10]  They give special treatment especially to very popular stars.  That goes for the money too.  Just look at the income Kim Soo Hyun and Lee Min Ho has racked in.  Chinese advancement today is 180 degrees different from how it was 10 years ago



princekyung said...

I thought he was going to release a new song soon?

swampbutte said...

The album is delayed. His 'Father' song got a more positive reaction than 'Gangnam Style' during the YG tour. He could be dumping the comedy act and focusing on emotionally uplifting songs. At least that's what was said earlier this month.

Nova_REMIX said...

There is actually more money in the US. If he actually made it beyond "Gangnam Style." But I totally wish PSY the best of luck.

Guest said...

Really now, #1, are you seriously making fun of someone's sickness..?

Leasseable Lee said...

Although China has so many downs about imitations, but they according to studies and survey they are the main target of western countries! To set an example was Fashion high end brands sold 20% of their over all sales in China alone!! If you they include other Asian countries then maybe it's around 1/3 of their are coming from Asia!! China is the next big thing in Music also since a lot Big Companies are advancing their venture to China!! China also has 100+ Chanels/TV networks that each appearances for not so well known artist is 4k USD!! How much more if person as famous like PSY appear on it!!

commedesfuckdown said...

My friend was just recently assigned to Chengdu (chinese province) as a director of sales of Porche, and we were laughing and like "right because everyone buys Porche there"....but within 2 months he sold twice the amount of cars the company sold in the entire UK region. Another example, 70- 80% of VVIP customers of Saks Fifth avenue (high end department store in NYC) are from mainland China and HongKong. Chinese are doing very well, economy is definitely blossoming than any other market right now

klynb said...

No, just the timing of the outbreaks.

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